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Monday, July 21, 2014

Jolie Femme 24k High Frequency Skin Care Device for Home Use

jolie femme home high frequency device
High Frequency devices are usually the domain of the professional esthetician. They are used for a number of things, mainly to help aid the skin in getting rid of acne, to help with fine lines and wrinkles and other things pertaining to aging skin. The device puts off ozone, which helps kill acne bacteria, it oxygenates the skin, purifies the skin and helps to firm the skin, tone the skin, help with hair growth and get rid of puffiness in the eye area. The device for home use is almost the same one as the professionals use. It is also portable, which is great so it can be taken on vacations, used in different rooms in the house or anywhere you need it. The high frequency machine helps with skincare product penetration too. The device comes with four interchangeable high frequency electrodes that can be used on the face, scalp or body. The intensity can also be adjusted so you can alter how high you would like it to go. It also has a one year warranty.

The Jolie Femme 24K High Frequency machine can promote tissue warming so that blood will circulate through tissue much faster, allowing for the cells to flush away toxins much faster, cells to regenerate quicker. This increases blood flow and cell renewal. The machine purifies congested and oily skin by deeply cleansing the skin and healing acne prone skin with the output of ozone. Other benefits include reduced pore size, improved oily skin, reduced inflammation and reduced redness. This results in clearer, brighter skin with much more vibrancy.
Skincare products are boosted, allowing them to work harder and more efficient. Most products sit on top of the skin, but with the high frequency device they can penetrate the skin because the device helps to open up the pores and makes the skin more receptive to the products, driving them deeper into the skin.

My favorite thing to do with the machine is to zap blemishes.Take one of the rods and instead of allowing it to flow along the skin, zap a blemish with it, killing the bacteria and allow the healing to begin. Then take the rod and go along the blemish for a minute or so to make sure the blood flow has increased and the healing has started, allowing for the inflammation to decreased.

As an esthetician, the high frequency machine is one of our most beloved machines and I am so happy that this one is available for home use. It is a very useful machine that I know you will love to keep with you and use every day.

The Jolie Femme 24k High Frequency Skin Care Device retails for $299.99 and is available from www.joliefemme24k.com. Don’t forget to view the review I just did on the Jolie Femme 24K Bio Thermal Skincare.

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