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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review: Jurlique Purely Bright Skincare #Jurlique #PurelyBright

Jurlique is one of my favorite skincare brands. They have a natural approach to skincare that actually works. Their line includes many different types of skincare essentials for every type of concern. One of my main concerns at this age is dark spots from sun damage that occurred when I was in my childhood and has come to the forefront now that I am in my 40’s. Sun damage will start to show in skin at about this age. I always say that sunscreen is the best friend you can have to help prevent any aging. Treating sun damage is hard but it can be done with many types of natural skincare. Jurlique has a great line of skincare that takes a natural approach to fighting the sun damage battle.

(me wearing a very light foundation showing how well the Jurlique Purely Bright line has worked for my skin)

Purely Bright Mist  100 mL $39.00 

jurlique Purlely Bright Mist
This mist, featuring VITABRIGHTKX, is used prior to the Purely Bright Moisturizers. It helps to brighten skin and minimize the appearance of dark spots and discolorations. It also hydrates the skin and restores radiance, soothes skin and gives a nice youthful glow to the skin. This mist contains daisy extract, calendula, witch hazel and self-heal extracts to help refresh and soothe skin. Most importantly, it also contains VITABRIGHTKX complex that has kakadu plum extract to reduce the appearance of skin discolorations, citrus unshiu peel extract that decreases the appearance of dark spots, African Birch extract that is a powerful anti-oxidant to improve skin firmness and Vitamin C (in the form of Ascorbyl Glucoside) that helps to protect skin from environmental aggressors and improves skin clarity and firmness.

Using this mist makes skin feel great. From the moment it goes on, skin feels “alive”, soothed and if used daily definitely starts to look more radiant. I use this morning and night prior to any serums and moisturizers. Apply to face with eyes closed and then let it dry.

Purely Bright Day Moisturizer 40 mL $50.00

jurlique Purely Bright Day Moisturizer
To help skin with uneven skin tone, use this moisturizer every day. Featuring the VITABRIGHTKX Complex, this moisturizer helps minimize the appearance of dark spots and discolorations to improve skin radiance. Extracts such as turmeric helps to protect skin from environmental damage while calendula extract soothes and calms the skin. Hyaluronic acid improves suppleness, elasticity and helps to aid dry, dull looking skin. The VITABRIGHTKX complex (mentioned above) reduces skin discolorations, decreases dark spots, improves skin firmness and protects skin from the environment. 

My only beef with this moisturizer is that it does not have a sunscreen. It should have one to help prevent the occurrence of new sun damage. I love that this moisturizer really does help skin look so much better and does help with the appearance of skin discolorations. I recommend this for those with normal to dry skin. This is also good for those with combination skin, in winter especially.

Purely Bright Night Moisturizer 40 mL $54.00

jurlique Purely Bright Night Moisturizer
At night, use the Purely Bright Night Moisturizer with the VITABRIGHTKX that helps to minimize the appearance of dark spots, skin discolorations and improves skin radiance. Also in the formula are natural oils that improve skin’s suppleness and elasticity while you sleep. This moisturizer helps to brighten skin, it has powerful nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Rejuvenate dry, dull skin overnight. Sunflower seed oil and safflower seed oil smooth, soften and nuture skin. Hyaluronic acid improves skin suppleness, elasticity and makes dry skin less dull looking. The VITABRIGHTKX formula contains extracts that reduce the appearance of skin discolorations, reduce the appearance of dark spots, increases firmness in skin and protects skin from the environment.

I love the night cream, and in my opinion it is the best product of the ones I have tried. It is a great, rich moisturizer that is perfect for those with normal to dry skin. If your skin is oily it will be too heavy for you. It is a really good moisturizer for those with very dry skins.

Jurlique Purely Bright also has many other great products available, such as a serum, spot treatment and a cleanser. Use the entire line for best results. The line is available from www.jurlique.com and wherever Jurlique is available, such as www.sephora.com, www.skinstore.com, www.birchbox.com, and SEPHORA stores. Like Jurlique on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jurlique.us; Follow Jurlique on Twitter: @JurliqueUSA; Follow Jurlique on Instagram: http://instagram.com/jurliqueusa/#; Follow Jurlique on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/jurliqueusa/ and Subscribe to Jurlique on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JurliqueUSA. If you have red, irritated skin, see my review on the Calendula line from Jurlique: http://bit.ly/1tKsfmV.

Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie
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