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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Magic Instant Bigga Lashes Fibres Take France by Storm as They Debut in this Month’s Elle Magazine #LashBlack #mascara

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Fluttery, long and lush lashes are perhaps the end goal of every beauty conscious girl, and it’s now an achievable reality owing to Lash Black Beauty’s launch of superior quality professional and affordable semi-permanent mascara . Magic Instant Bigga lashes are designed with professional lash technicians and beauticians in mind as well as women looking to cultivate mega-lengthy lashes in seconds. The large lashes have graced the pages of Belgian and French Elle with a spread centred on the popping, bold and dynamic looks garnered by the mascara’s application with before and after shots used to demonstrate the dramatic changes. 

Compatible with regular mascaras, the product makes eyelashes thicker and fuller with savvy beauty lovers using the mascara not only for luxurious lashes, but also to fill in sparse eyebrows.  Brows damaged by over-plucking can be shaped, sculpted and filled in for an ultra-trendy catwalk look. Waterproof and smudge proof, the lashes are designed for ladies with a busy lifestyle who can create a dramatic, instant effect for any party, get-together or event. Designed to make eyes pop and cultivate a real wow factor, the miniscule black particles are contained in a tantalising pink and gold pot and once brushed over eyelashes, immediately create dramatic, weightless lashes to die for. 
Veronica Koppelman, managing director of VZ Hair and Glamour said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul and really frame the face. We’ve stocked and sold a vast assortment of mascaras in the past but never felt that we had found one that did the job as we envisioned. The beauty of Magic Instant Bigga lashes is that they are basically false lashes in a pot but with none of the tacky obviousness of other products; they don’t damage your own lashes, they are weightless and you can add as many layers as necessary until you achieve the desired length and texture. 
“Big lashes have always been a fashion trend but so now are big brows with stars from Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins stepping out to show off thick, full sculpted brows. Used in conjunction with our semi-permanent mascara options, your eye lashes will be the envy of all you encounter for up to three weeks making it a great option for batting those lashes on holiday, at the beach or just about anywhere. The most powerful weapon in a girl’s arsenal is her eyes!” 
Forward thinking beauty lovers opting for a chic, quick style can recreate versatile high-street and catwalk looks whilst professional lash technicians can cultivate enduring tried and tested styles for clients. The company’s online shop provides a myriad of products designed to be used in tandem with Magic Instant Bigga Lashes, including a range of mascaras such as LashBlack Semi Permanent Mascara, a professional LashBlack full starter kit, primers, removers and brushes. For fledgling fashionistas, an online DVD training course is available to help beginners become acquainted with their lovely lashes. 
Veronica added, “Eyes are naturally gorgeous but the lashes and brows serve as the frame. Dressing up eyes with mascara is a great way to feel instantly beautiful and powerful for eyes that pack a really sizzling stare. Our mascara is designed to be affordable, instant and of course, magic! There really is no better mascara on the market for lashes that will evoke instant envy.” 

About Lash Black Beauty: Lovers of big, bold lashes are turning to Lash Black Beauty in droves. The company began stocking and selling an assortment of options from various mascara brands before debuting their own superior quality products. Competitively priced, all products are ideal for professional lash technicians and salon beauticians as well as beauty worshippers who want to cultivate long, lush lashes of their own.  

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