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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: Be New York Chic With Kushyfoot! #Kushyfoot #Tights #Socks #FootCovers

(photographs courtesy of www.kushyfoot.com)
Have you ever noticed that New Yorkers are at the forefront of fashion? Well you can be at the forefront of fashion too! New Yorkers look confident, stylish and always wear the hottest fashions. New Yorkers use products like tights to accessorize their looks and make their outfits look ultimately chic. Kushyfoot is at the forefront of chic foot and leg fashion. Accessorize your legs with sexy Shaping Tights or lovely Opaque Tights that will make your legs look long and lovely. These tights also have a Reflexology inspired massaging pad to make the bottom of your feet feel like they are loved all day long. Massage your feet with Kushyfoot’s Microfiber Crew Socks that make your feet feel like they have tiny hands lovingly taking care of your feet. Wear Foot Covers which have a cushy pad that cushions your feet to add comfort to your tired, aching feet. Read on below to see what Kushyfoot has in store for you this Fall and Winter! 

Kushyfoot Opaque Tights $8.99 or $20.97/ 3 pairs
kushyfoot opaque tights
I tried out the Large size in the Opaque Tights, which normally fit from a 5’2”-6’1” (135-190 lbs.). I will say that I am 6’1” and a little bit over 190 lbs. But they did fit well for me. I tried the black shade. They also come in brown, navy and gray. The tights fit great though! I love that they have a control top, massaging sole and very opaque leg (40 Denier). These tights are made from 91% Nylon and 9% Elastane. The massaging sole is unique to Kushyfoot. With every step your feet feel as if they are being massaged by someone. It definitely can be felt. They also have a reinforced toe for added durability. The tights are very thick, so that they will not run easily. That is the best thing about having opaque tights! The sizes for the tights are: Small, Medium, Large and Plus. I could definitely wear the Plus and have them fit very well. 

Kushyfoot Shaping Tights $9.99 each or $29.97/ 3 pairs
kushyfoot shaping tights
Another pair of tights that I was able to try out are the shaping tights. This is a wardrobe essential!These have the added benefit of figure and leg enhancement. With these I also tried out the Large size, which offers the same sizing (5’2”-6’1”, 135-190 lbs.) as the Opaque Tights. I could wear the Plus in these and have them fit well too. The Shaping Tights offer a built in Control Top, a massaging sole for extra comfort, a reinforced toe for durability and a more opaque leg (60 Denier). This product has been certified as a LYCRA beauty fabric, which means it goes through a certification program for shaping products that assures comfort and performance features. These tights are made from 87% Nylon and 13% Elastane. They come in the most indispensable color, Black. The tights are definitely great at helping to shape the midsection and thighs, keeping things “controlled”. I do feel they are a little bit harder to get on and off, but that is to be expected. Wearing the tights feels good, they have the massaging sole too. When one is dealing with control garments, comfort is not paramount. They come in sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Plus. 

Kushyfoot Super Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers $6.99 or $23.97/ 6 pairs
kushyfoot super ultra low cut foot covers
These are Kushyfoot’s bestselling style! A great item to wear with even the lowest ballet flats, Super Ultra Low Foot Covers are available in Nude/Black, Mocha/Black, Nude and Black. They have a padded sole to cushion the ball of the foot, cushioned heel pad to ensure a stay-put fit every time and a super stretchy design that fits every foot shape and size. A new Large size is available in the Nude/Black and Mocha/Black assortments. The Regular size fits up to size 9 and the Large size fits from 9-12. I tried the Large size, since I wear a size 11 shoe! The best thing about these is that they actually stay on your feet. I have tried other brands and they do not stay on your feet while in the shoes. Why bother with foot covers if they are not going to stay on? These stay on and feel great. The massaging pad makes your feet feel nice, giving feet a nice break.

Kushyfoot Microfiber Crew Socks $4.99 or $13.47/ 3 pairskushyfoot microfiber crew socks
And finally, I was able to try the Microfiber Crew Socks, which are from their casual line. These come in 3 shades: Denim, Black and Brown. I tried the Black shade. These also have a massaging bottom worked into the sole, giving feet a feeling that there are little hands lovingly working on the feet all day long. These socks have a comfort band at the top to help keep them from falling down. They come in one size, which means they are meant to fit any foot. These are very comfortable and easy to wear. I like these socks. Mainly because they stay up, which is essential when you are wearing low cut socks. 

Kushyfoot products are available online via www.kushyfoot.com and in over 10,000 stores nationwide. They deliver high end quality at an affordable price. Kushyfoot has many more products than the ones I mentioned here, such as Flats-To-Go (ballet flats, open toe and sandals), Toe Pads, Knee Highs, Slippers and even Men’s items. Like Kushyfoot on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hosiery; Follow Kushyfoot on Twitter: @kushyfoot and Follow Kushyfoot on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kushyfoot/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

(These items were sent for consideration)

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