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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lauren Hutton for Violet Grey #VioletGrey


Lauren Hutton x VIOLET GREY


Lauren Hutton, 70, is an iconic supermodel and best-selling author of A Story Lately Told. Her much anticipated sequel, Watch Me, is due out later this month – and today she has been revealed as the latest “cover girl” of VIOLET GREY’s online magazine, The Violet Files. Below are high-res images from her shoot as well as quotes pulled from the story for you to use as you see fit.

The story captures a conversation between Hutton and Anjelica Huston who worked together as models in the 60s and, to this day, they see each other as friends and “kindred spirits.” Both women are legendarily known for their unconventional beauty, fierce intelligence and independence – all of which came to light in an era when women weren’t expected to have such qualities. 

image001(12)lauren hutton_violet grey3
lauren hutton_violet grey1

When asked if the modeling world has changed:
“It’s almost unrecognizable. I don’t see how young kids do it because there are all these people on the set, and you’ve got to really unzip your mental fly and expose yourself in front of a bunch of strangers. It’s very anti-intimacy, which is what a great picture should be about — a very intimate look into someone’s soul.”

The best thing about the modeling world today:
“Well, Daria Werbowy.”

On (not) using sunscreen:
“I never did. I kept trying to, especially since I spent decades on the equator, and you really should have a hat! But I just couldn’t do it. I think it was because I was always coming from three months of modeling, and when I’d get free, I’d be on a plane the next day and didn’t want to touch anything. I didn’t take makeup, I didn’t take a mirror, and I certainly didn’t take sunscreen.”

…and if she regrets it:
“Yes, sort of. It depends on what kind of light I’m looking at myself in.”

On her beauty regimen:
“I’ve been slathering myself in coconut oil since I was about 22.”

All photography was shot by Pamela Hanson: https://hlgroup.sharefile.com/d/s09e82fb17c646fe9

VIOLET GREY’s digital publication, The Violet Files, launched in July 2013, offers a glimpse into the transformative world of Hollywood beauty through the discerning, editorial point of view of leading fashion photographers and filmmakers. 

Founded by Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey, an experienced brand expert with over 15 years in the fashion and luxury industries, VIOLET GREY began in 2010 as a private dressing studio on Melrose Place for a red carpet clientele. The intimate space offered inspiration and sparked collaboration for stars, stylists, influencers, makeup artists, nail artists, and hair stylists. By virtue of its access, the studio naturally evolved into a place where the best of beauty reigned. This month, the insider knowledge amassed in the studio will become accessible via
VIOLETGREY.com, an e-commerce store with an online editorial platform (The Violet Files), and the ground floor of VIOLET GREY on Melrose Place which will transform into a luxury beauty and art installation.

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