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Monday, December 8, 2014

Deluxe, Wildcrafted Skincare Imbued with Precious Stones – Introducing Noer Organics #NoerOrganics #wildcraftedskincare


Introducing the debut collection from Noer Organics – a deluxe new range of ‘wildcrafted’ organic skincare products infused with semi-precious gemstones and cruelty-free ingredients. The premium new range has launched to great fanfare with a core collection of six must-have products, all inspired by ancient lore and modern science alike. From polishing powders to creamy elixirs, the debut range is set to fly to the top of Christmas wishlists, and become beauty mainstays for those who favour organic skincare.

Ethically sourced, and imbued with the energy from precious gemstones like Rose Quartz and Rhodonite, the skin treats from Noer Organics are designed to make users feel like goddesses. Whether layering on a delightful soothing balm or nourishing their skin with a healing nectar, the organic, cruelty-free ingredients in every product help contribute towards skin which glows with vitality and energy.

Mia Elkaff, Founder of Noer Organics , says, “Our raison d’être is to create harmonized works of purity and elegance using the most innocent organic and wildcrafted ingredients. We select the finest elements from nature’s miraculous cornucopia, to do marvellous things for our skin and our soul.”

She adds, “We cater to discerning individuals in search of unmatched quality and absolute decadence – both ladies and savvy gentlemen, who deliberately choose natural skincare products that are safe and cruelty-free, yet still incredibly potent. Our products unleash radiance on all who use them, and we’re proud to prioritise wildcrafted ingredients wherever we can find them, as we commit to a skincare collection which is respectful of the environment.”

The six balms, lotions and creams in the collection are rich in natural ingredients that are both soothing and rejuvenating. The Cleansing Balm, for example, is made from castor oil, mango butter, jojoba wax, sweet orange extract, ylang-ylang and more – all totally wildcrafted or organic ingredients, gently blended to create a rich, thick balm, which melts into a soft emulsion when applied to the skin. It leaves skin silky, smooth, and completely nourished.

The Masquerade Purifying Mask is another example of Noer Organics’ dedication to decadent natural products. Made from buttermilk, honey, raw cacao, mung beans, cinnamon, Australian Ivory clay, carrot seed and more, the seductive, revitalizing mask effortlessly draws impurities from every pore, leaving a glowing complexion – without using any synthetic ingredients whatsoever.

All formulations have been tried and tested, with vital components married together in perfect unity to create organic skincare products of the very highest standard. The Noer Organics creative team are ingeniously creative in their craft, and have produced an enriching, revitalising debut range that leaves skin radiant, pure and beautiful.

Each beauty item dispatched to a customer comes with a poem – the language of love. After all, the marriage between our soul and our skin is a lifelong one; why shouldn’t we indulge that relationship with a mantra? 
For more information, visit the website: http://noerorganics.com/

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