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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review: Dry Spray Antiperspirants #Deodorant #Antiperspirants #Dove #Degree #Axe

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Just out are some new antiperspirants that go on dry, last for a full 48 hours and are perfect for those of us who need a lighter, more efficient way to stay dry without any residue on clothing. Unilever, who makes the following labels: Dove, Degree and Axe, has come out with a great technology: Dry Spray Antiperspirant! This is a must have for someone like me, who does not perspire a whole lot but hates that deodorant/antiperspirant gets all over my black clothes. This stuff goes on completely dry too! I can also skip a day if needed. It is perfect for those with sensitivity issues, as it is tough on sweat and soft on skin. 

I tried out two formulas, Dove Dry Spray and Degree MOTIONSENSE Dry Spray Fresh Energy. My husband tried out three of them, Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Clean Comfort, Degree MOTIONSENSE Adventure and Axe White Label Night. All of these have the same 48 hour care and dry spray technology that allows them to go on dry, stay dry without leaving any residue on your clothes. So, do they deliver the promises set forth? Let’s see!

Dove Dry Spray 48 hr. Antiperspirant 3.8 oz./107 g $6.99
dove dry spray Antiperspirants
This deodorant/antiperspirant has notes of apple, citrus mixed with a floral powder cream. It sprays on instantly dry to deliver wetness and odor protection with the nourished care of Dove. This spray lasts 48 hours so you can even skip a day! I found that this works great. I love how well it works for me. I don’t perspire a lot in the winter or even that much in the summer, so I find that it works quite well for me. I love how it does not leave any residue on clothes. My daughter (who does perspire more all year round) found that this one did not do it for her. She complained that she did have perspiration leak through. I would say this works well for those who have light to moderated perspiration issues.

Degree MOTIONSENSE Dry Spray Fresh Energy 3.8 oz./107 g $5.99
degree dry spray Antiperspirants for women
This is definitely a more powerful antiperspirant as it works with body movements to respond and release extra protection when you move. It lasts for 48 hours too and goes on dry instantly for a clean feel. I tried the Fresh Energy scent, which is a great fresh and light scent that should work well for anyone. Since I don’t perspire as much, it did work great for me but I wanted my daughter to try it too. She found this one worked better than the Dove Dry Spray as she perspires more than I do. She loved this one! It does seem to help as you perspire more. There are other scents: Shower Clean, Sheer Powder, Sexy Intrigue and Peach Burst.

Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Clean Comfort 3.8 oz./107 g $6.89
dove dry spray Antiperspirants for men
.This features a clinically proven and non-irritating formula that is tough on sweat and gentle on skin. It goes on dry for a cleaner feel and has 48 hour odor and wetness protection. As with all Dove products, it contains 1/4 moisturizing technology. This gives skin total comfort. My husband tested it out and he works hard as a contractor and perspires a lot, even in winter. He found that this did not work the entire day for him. He does have sensitive skin and loved how this did not make it irritated. This is definitely not a winner.

Degree MOTIONSENSE Dry Spray Adventure 3.8 oz./107 g $6.49
degree dry spray Antiperspirants for men
This is a new and superior way to get odor and wetness protection. The spray goes on dry and has 48 hour protection to keep you dry. As the body increases adrenaline that is released in perspiration, it responds to release extra protection when needed. MOTIONSENSE even responds directly to body movement, releasing extra protection when you move. My husband tried it and liked it better than the others. He found it kept him very dry and his sensitive skin was not affected.

AXE White Label Dry Spray Night 3.8 oz./107 g $6.99
AXE White Label Dry Spray Night
This is the first ever Dry Spray antiperspirant from AXE. It is an entirely new way to stay dry. It was specifically designed to go on instantly dry with no visible residue. The spray keeps you fresh and protected from perspiration for 48 hours. The Night fragrance features grapefruit, lavender, cedarwood and praline notes. It also comes in Forest, Island and Air scents. Out of all three that my husband tried, this is the one that he liked the best. I think it was the scent that he liked the best. He said that all of them kept him dry but the scent that AXE has is very nice. I have to agree with him on this one. It is sexy. It is definitely something I would like to have him wear more often.

The new Dry Spray Antiperspirants are great. The price range is acceptable and you only need a small amount when spraying them on. They last for 2 whole days, so that also helps in keeping the price at a good level. I love how good they are. I think this is the best technology for keeping perspiration at bay that I have ever seen so far. For me these work great. I think that I will only be using these from now on and I know that they will be a big hit with the public. The main reason I love the Dry Spray technology is that there is no residue left on clothing. For me that is a great thing because I always had white residue on my black shirts. I am so happy to have this taken care of from now on. I also love that they work for 48 hours and can skip a day if I need to. I am so very happy that I was able to discover these new products! These antiperspirants are available at mass market retailers nationwide such as Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS/Pharmacy, Wal-Mart and Target.

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  1. I really impressed to read all this great information on best antiperspirant for men

  2. In addition to being 'dry', spray deodorants and antiperspirants are incredibly easy to apply. Modern companies claim protection of 48 hours per application.

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