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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review: LashBlack Magic Instant BiggaLashes #LashBlack #MagicInstantBiggaLashes

(photo courtesy of www.lashblack.com)
Magic Instant Bigga LashesLash Black Magic Instant Bigga Lashes is a new, fabulous product that will soon be a huge hit. This is an amazing find. I read about it online and knew I needed to try it out. It was featured recently in French Elle and is now becoming a hit in the United Kingdom. It is now on our side of the pond, and will be a huge hit, mark my words.

What is so fabulous about this product? It is a little pot of black fibers that you use after having applied mascara. Use with any regular mascara and then apply a second coat of mascara to watch your lashes grow into amazing, super, thick, luscious lashes that are so beautiful. They will look so lush, thick and gorgeous that you will not be able to believe it! The fibers are long lasting, staying on until you remove them at night, are weightless and are waterproof too. 

What is so great about this product is that these fibers can be used with any mascara. The fibers cling to lashes, wrapping around them. They lock onto eyelashes to create instant bigger and more dramatic eyelashes. Magic Instant Bigga Lashes contain tiny black particles that volumize and lengthen lashes instantly. You can add as many as you want until the desired length and volume is achieved. The particles are also smudgeproof, so once on they stay on. Use the particles with waterproof mascara to have them become waterproof. The particles can be used professionally or for home use. Use with the LashBlack semi-permanent mascara for eyelashes that are amazingly lush and will last for weeks: http://on.fb.me/1FSxzrQ.

Lash Black Magic Instant Bigga Lashes boxMagic Instant Bigga Lashes_insideLash Black_Magic Instant Bigga Lashes

(above: left to right LashBlack Magic Instant Bigga Lashes box, inside of box and then the actual product)

Before Magic Instant Bigga Lashes bAfter Magic Instant Bigga Lashes Fibers on Lashes and Eyebrow

(above: left to right, a before and after shot showing Magic Instant Bigga Lashes)

before using Magic Instant Bigga Lashesafter shot using Magic Instant Bigga Lashesafter shot showing Magic Instant Bigga Lashes

(above left to right: before using Magic Instant Bigga Lashes; after using Magic Instant Bigga Lashes)

I was extremely lucky to be able to try out this product. As you can see from the photos above, this product really helps to make eyelashes look thicker and longer. It makes them look voluptuous. I love how it makes them come alive. The only negative thing I can say about the product is that there is a little bit of fallout from the powder as it is applied, but the fallout is easily brushed away and does not leave any dark residue on the face like eye shadow does. There is so much product in the little jar that it will last forever. Only a tiny amount is needed for a good coating to the lashes. 

This is a game changer. I will not need any more lash serums. I think this product is now my new favorite mascara enhancer. I love that it can be used with any mascara too. I really think that this is going to be huge. It is so easy to use and really does a good job of adding volume and length to eyelashes. The product contains no harmful chemicals and works great for those who have, lost all of their hair due to treatments such as chemotherapy.
Magic Instant Bigga Lashes are £15.95 (approx. 24 USD). To purchase in the UK, go to this site: http://vzhairandglamour.com/product/magic-instant-bigga-lashes-fibers/. In the US they are $21.00 and can be purchased from this retailer: http://www..cilsfrance.net/shop.php?categories_id=39.
Like LashBlack on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lashblackmascara; Follow LashBlack on Twitter:@vzhairandglama; Follow LashBlack on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/VZHairandGlama/ and Follow LashBlack on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vzhairandglamour.
Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie
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