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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review: Lip Gloss With Built In LED Light and Mirror

lipgloss with LED light and mirror

I tried out a really cool new lipgloss recently. It has a LED light built into the cap and a small built-in mirror on one side of the tube. This gloss comes in four versatile shades: Champagne (nude shimmer), Confetti (sheer pink shimmer), Glitz (pink shimmer) and Passion (brick red shimmer). My favorite shade is Champagne, as it fits my color profile. I love nude lips and this one fits in exactly with how I love to wear my lipgloss. The only shade that does not have a large amount of pigment is Confetti and that is because it is a sheer shade.

Champagne LipglossConfetti LipglossGlitz LipglossPassion Lipgloss

(above left to right: Champagne, Confetti, Glitz and Passion))
lipgloss swatches

(above left to right: Champagne, Confetti, Glitz and Passion)

wearing Champagne gloss

(above: wearing Champagne lipgloss)

wearing Confetti gloss

(above: wearing Confetti lipgloss)

wearing Glitz gloss

(above: wearing Glitz lipgloss)

wearing Passion gloss
(above: wearing Passion lipgloss)

This is a pigmented high impact lipgloss with a brilliant, lasting shine that complements any skin tone. One of the best things about the gloss is that it is flavored with refreshing peppermint. To me, the peppermint is a little bit more than a hint, it is a bit of a hit of peppermint that lasts for a while. This lipgloss, with average use, will last at least for an estimated 200 applications. And the light will last up to six years! 

This lipgloss retails for $17.10. To purchase this gloss, contact: beautyendorser80@gmail.com for 10% off the first order and for details on ordering. 

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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