Charlotte Tilbury Gives Red Carpet Ready Skin, Here Are Her Secrets! #CharlotteTilbury #RedCarpet

Want Flawless Red Carpet Ready Skin? Charlotte Tilbury Spills Her Secrets...

Craving flawless red carpet worthy skin like we saw on Sunday night at the Golden Globes? With Award Season in full swing, it’s no wonder why celebrities and makeup artists alike are relying on products from famed makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury's namesake collection to prep for these big events. Makeup artist Tracey Levy relied on the Tilbury range to get client Kristen Wiig ready, as did makeup artist Robin Siegel as she got the stunning Felicity Huffman prepped for her close-up, and even Charlotte herself as she glammed up the gorgeous Amal Clooney and Sienna Miller

Tilbury is called upon season after season to get Hollywood's biggest names red carpet ready - but the secret behind the glowing, supple skin and shimmering, contoured limbs are not just reserved for the stars! See below for Charlotte's red carpet skin regimen: the necessary products to put that golden red carpet glow at your fingertips. 

Step 1: Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask
This is the ultimate red carpet facial in just 10 minutes! It is the first step to prepping the skin, and creates a veil of perfection on the skin. Goddess Skin Clay Mask includes Bio Nymph Peptide Complex which improves skin elasticity, induces DNA repair and boosts synthesis of collagen whilst protecting it from degradation. Rosehip Oil regenerates and restores skin softness and elasticity. Frangipani Flower Extract is soothing and purifying. Skin is left baby soft, while pores and fine lines are masked.
Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Price: $70
Launch Date: March 2015

Step 2: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Treat & Transform Moisturizer
Magic Cream is a miracle-working moisturizer that instantly turns around tired, dull, dehydrated skin - it's a push-up bra in a jar! A rich cream may seem intimidating, but it's essential for ensuring skin looks flawless under intense flashbulbs. The unique, oil-rich formula fights the aging process on all fronts and is packed with a mix of breakthrough and proven anti-aging ingredients, plus a touch of magic, to flood the skin with moisture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and transform a dull complexion into luminous, glowing skin. A mix of oils and Vitamins A, C and E transform dull, grey skin into mirror-like shine.

Price: $100
Launch Date: September 2014
Availability:,,, and

Step 3: Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash
Charlotte calls this "Gisele-in-a-jar!" A cross between an anti-aging elixir and a complexion-enhancing light diffuser that gives your skin an instant “spotlight” effect so you look lit from within. Powered by a breakthrough Fluorescent Core Light Diffuser that cleverly steals UV light from its surroundings and re-emits it as skin luminosity, this instant pick-me-up disguises and transforms drab, sleep-deprived skin. A dream for tired, dull and hungover skin! Collagen boosting peptides and patented wrinkle-preventing ingredients are fused with light-reflecting microspheres that fill in wrinkles and scatter light to blur away lines and flood skin with luminosity. Focus application on the cheekbones to really highlight your best asset. When applied after Magic Cream it leaves skin looking sunlit and golden.

Price: $55
Launch Date: September 2014
Availability:,,, and

Step 4: Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow
This breakthrough balm is a multi-transforming, multi-miraculous 3-in-1 skin remedy that every woman needs in their skincare arsenal. Multi-Miracle Glow acts as a deep cleanser with anti-wrinkle benefits, an overnight facial mask and an SOS face and body balm for cuticles, elbows, heels and shins to cheat the body of an angel! Apply all over the skin (arms, legs and d├ęcolletage) a-la Amal Clooney for glowing moisture and a dewy finish.

Price: $60
Launch Date: September 2014
Availability:,,, and

Step 5: Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body
This is the only product you need for glossy-skinned perfection. It photographs amazingly and will slim your limbs through clever highlighting and shading tricks, which Charlotte perfected backstage working with supermodels on the runway. It's the secret way to cheat your dream figure in an instant: simply paint on the illusion of a slimmer silhouette! Supermodel Body works like slimming lingerie to firm and smooth your contours, and applies the same principles of light and shade from art, photography and make-up to body contouring. You can elongate and slim legs, arms and contours by highlighting down the centre and shading at the edges.

Price: $65
Launch Date: September 2014
Availability:,,, and