nuNAAT’s Ultra Keratin Touch is now available for auto-reorder from!

nuNAAT’s Ultra Keratin Touch is now available for auto-reorder from
Walgreens has recently announced a new way to save! With their new “Auto-Reorder & Save” program, you receive 10% off + free shipping starting on your second order on select items purchased through Just look for a product with the “auto-reorder” symbol, set a delivery schedule, and receive regular shipments in the time frame you scheduled! More info can be found here: . nuNAAT’s Ultra Keratin Touch kit is just one of the many products available through this savings program. Since it is applied every 30 days for frizz-free, virtually maintenance-free hair, setting up scheduled purchases just makes sense. Check it out here:


  1. I am very happy to know that a lot of these brands are beginning to understand what services consumers really want.

    For me personally, I do not mind going to the store to buy the first product, but, buying the second or third products becomes extremely hard to do.

    I would rather just order it online. So if Walgreens wants my business they need to keep coming up with ideas like these :)

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