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Saturday, February 21, 2015

NEW From Algenist! Genius White Beauty Routine & Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer SPF 30 #Algenist #skincare #genius

Algenist Genius White Beauty Routine
Algenist introduces the GENIUS WHITE Beauty Routine, a five-product collection that promotes a more luminous, perfectly smooth, youthful-looking porcelain complexion. Made with scientifically advanced formulations, each product combines the greatest brightening technology with the best of anti-aging biotechnology for noticeably restored and radiant looking skin.

• Brightens dull looking skin for 96% of subjects*
• Creates glowing and radiant looking skin for 92% of subjects*
*Results obtained after 10 days. Individual results may vary.

• Visibly brightens skin for 98% of subjects**
• Leaves skin appearing more translucent for 92% of subjects**
• Lightens skin tone and complexion for 92% of subjects**
• Creates younger looking skin for 90% of subjects**
**Results obtained after 28 days. Individual results may vary.


Price/Availability: The Algenist GENIUS WHITE products are sold separately on Algenist.com, Sephora, Ulta and Ulta.com.


Algenist Repairing Tint & Radiance Moisturizer SPF 30
For the first time, Algenist combines expert clinical skincare science with professional color as it introduces Repairing Tint & Radiance Moisturizer SPF 30, a multi-action tinted cream that rejuvenates the skin’s appearance.

Algenist’s Repairing Tint & Radiance Moisturizer SPF 30 combines key microalgae ingredients to deliver great professional color and biotechnology skincare. Made for all skin types, this lightweight formula provides extraordinary skincare results as it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refines skin texture while smoothing and visibly restoring skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Algenist creates a bridge between color and skincare by carefully selecting ingredients that work together to provide sheer to medium coverage to visibly even out skin tone and blur imperfections instantly. Fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced and SPF 30 helps protects the skin from sun damage.


Price/Availability: $42 on Algenist.com, QVC, QVC.com, Sephora, Sephora.com, Ulta and Ulta.com.

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  1. You always list products that I have never heard of. Thanks for sharing this.

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