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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NO-AD Enters Skin Care Category With National Rollout Of FirstAnti-Aging Body Lotion for U.S. Retail Mass Market #NO-AD #bodylotion

The first anti-aging body lotion for the U.S. retail mass market is being rolled out nationally by Sun & Skin Care Research, LLC (SSCR) under its new NO-AD Skin Care™ label. 
NO-AD Prevent & Repair™ and NO-AD Prevent & Brighten™, which are packed with a premium blend of vitamins, antioxidantsand SPF 15 broad spectrum protection, are multifunctional products unlike any moisturizers sold in mass market outlets. Designed to promote more beautiful skin all over the body — not just on the face — each product is chock-a-block with powerful ingredients that repair, brighten, and prevent aging caused by cumulative daily sun damage.

Incidental Sun Exposure A new survey conducted by GfK Custom Research North America and commissioned by NO-AD Skin Care found that a majority of Americans mistakenly believe they receive most of their total lifetime sun exposure from extended outdoor activities like going to the beach. "Actually those activities account for a mere 20 percent of lifetime sun exposure," said Brevard, Fla.-based dermatologist Dr. Richard C. Kirkpatrick. "In fact, 80 percent comes from daily incidental sun exposure."

SSCR CEO Stuart J. Straus observed that when most consumers think about "anti-aging protection," they think of a product just for the face. "Beauty is more than face deep," he said. "No matter how much attention you give your face, it's the constant UV skin damage to your neck, chest, arms, and legs that can give away your age. It's why you need to apply body lotion daily to anyexposed skin. This need for total body skin care — an all-day, all-the-time, anti-aging lotion that delivers SPF 15 protection — is precisely why NO-AD jumped into the highly competitive skin care category."

NO-AD Breaks Into Skin Care Category Straus noted that, at 46 cents per ounce each, NO-AD Skin Care lotions cost half what competing SPF body lotions do — and yet those other lotions don't contain NO-AD's high-quality anti-aging ingredients. They will be available March 2015 at select Wal-Mart stores, walmart.comdrugstore.com, and HEB, as well as food, drug, and mass market retailers.

These multi-functional products provide powerful anti-aging protection:  
  1. PREVENT:  Helps prevent photoaging with SPF 15 UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection  
  2. MOISTURIZE:  Pentavitin® provides up to 36 hours of moisturization while helping to even and restore skin's natural glow
NO-AD Prevent & Repair™ Body Lotion and Spray - Fights free radicals, helps prevent and repair cell damage, helps reduce inflammation, boosts collagen production, gives skin firmness and strength while improving its natural barrier function. Fresh cucumber-aloe fragrance. MSRP $5.49/12 ounce lotion, $5.99/6.5 ounce spray -Pepha®-Protect purified Watermelon extract, protects skin cell DNA from UV light-induced free radicals -Aloe Vera acts as an anti-inflammatory -Vitamin A stimulates cell growth for smoother skin -Vitamin B6 protects against free radicals -Vitamin C  fights free radicalshelps smooth and firm skin -Vitamin D exerts protective, rejuvenating effect  
-Vitamin E eases dryness, bolsters skin's UV defense
NO-AD Prevent & Brighten™ Body Lotion and Spray - Helps to diminish the appearance of age spots/ brown spots, even out skin tone, brighten skin and restore its natural glow. It is important to note that use of brightening products without sunscreen, as found in this product, can reverse brightening effects. Fresh cucumber-aloe fragrance. MSRP $5.49/12 ounce lotion, $5.99/6.5 ounce spray-Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) brightens, boosts hydration to reduce redness, minimizes dark spots, increases production of ceramides and fatty acids — key components of skin's protective barrier -Vitamin C fights free radicals, helps smooth and firm skin -Vitamin E eases dryness, bolsters skin's UV defense -Argan Oil helps diminish appearance of age spots; brightens -Sunflower Oil is a source of Vitamin E (lotion only)

About SSCR and NO-AD By not buying expensive TV, magazine, or radio ads, NO-AD saves money and can offer the same advanced skin and sun care ingredients as other national brands. NO-AD products, which are PABA-free and not tested on animals, are made by Sun & Skin Care Research, LLC (SSCR). SSCR is dedicated to protecting and improving skin health in and out of the sun, every day and everywhere. SSCR develops and manufactures a wide array of sun protection and skin care products distributed globally. SSCR brands includes Ocean Potion®BullFrog®and NO-AD®. Made in Cocoa, Fla., USA. Visit no-ad.com.

Survey Methodology The study was conducted online using the GfK "KnowledgePanel," an online probability-based panel designed to be representative of the U.S. general population, not just the online population. The study consisted of 1012 interviews conducted between Oct. 24 and Oct. 26, 2014 among adults aged 18+. The margin of error is +/-3 percentage points.

SOURCE Sun & Skin Care Research


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