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Friday, February 27, 2015

Review: EcoTools Complexion Collection Makeup Brushes #EcoTools #brushes #makeupbrushes #ComplexionCollection

(photos courtesy of www.ecotools.com)
EcoTools Complexion Collection Bundle
EcoTools is company known for their great makeup brushes, home spa tools, hair products and lashes. Recently they came out with a new collection of makeup brushes that are specifically hybridized for makeup and skincare. Combining science and beauty, the EcoTools Complexion Correction is designed with specific cuts for enhanced performance to maximize your natural beauty and to aid in the most common of skincare concerns: fine lines, dark circles and oily skin. The brushes can be used with concealers, BB Creams and, powders to maximize blending and make your complexion perfect. 

Complexion Collection Mattifying Finish Brush $8.99

EcoTools Complexion Perfection Mattifing Face Brush
Control shine and oily skin for the entire day with the Complexion Collection Mattifying Finish Brush. This unique duo-fiber design was created to make your complexion have a flawless finish with pressed or loose powder. It blends long, straight bristles and short wavy bristles together. The short bristles pick up the perfect amount of product on the brush, while the long bristles disperse product evenly and smoothly for complete control and buildable coverage. If used alone, the brush can give a fresh matte look or use it to finish a full EcoTools Mattifying Finish Brush in casemakeup look that stays shine-free all day long. 

I have been using this with my powders and it works great. I have found that powder goes on easily and does not get all over my face, hands or clothes like it usually does with other brushes. This I like. It works better than other brushes at taking pressed powder and applying it to the face without getting it all over the place. This brush is very good. Here I am using the Mattifying Finish Brush on my face. I use it with a luminizing powder and it works out well, giving me a beautiful glow to my skin. It does not have to be used with something mattifying, it can be used with any powder product and it works quite well. 




Complexion Collection Skin Perfecting Brush $7.99

EcoTools Complexion Collection Skin Perfecting Brush
This Complexion Collection Skin Perfecting Brush helps you to apply BB Creams and CC Creams. These creams go on more smoothly because of the straight and dense bristles that are specifically designed bristles and the rounded edge skin perfecting brush in caseof the brush. It is ideal for precise coverage around the eyes and the nose. The Skin Perfecting Brush removes the need for finger application so less oil is transferred from the hands to the face. Use this to apply liquid foundation too. 

I used it for that specific purpose and found it worked very well. Having used it for a BB Cream, I think that it this is a good brush to use for application. It works best it you apply the product to the face first then blend downward and out. It leaves skin looking like it was airbrushed.

Complexion Collection Eye Perfecting Brush $6.99

EcoTools Complexion Collection Eye Perfecting Brush
The Complexion Correction Eye Perfecting Brush is used to reduce the look of dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. It has special uniquely cut, rounded eye perfecting brush in casetip bristles that mimic the shape of a finger for easy application of product under and around the eye without tugging sensitive skin or transferring oils from the hands. It was designed with straight, firm and dense bristles. The Eye Perfecting Brush allows for the most optimal blending and coverage of fine lines and dark circles.

I have used this with concealer and even foundation in the eye area. Coverage is excellent with this because of the shape of the bristles. The tip is rounded, so all you have to do is tap around the eye area with the brush. Do it very gently and it covers well. This is good for those who want some help in the under eye area. The brush is made for the eye area alone. It’s a great brush.



Complexion Collection Correcting Concealer Brush $4.99

EcoTools Complexion Collection Correcting Concealer Brush
Also in the collection is the Complexion Collection Correcting Concealer Brush, which can be used in the eye area or on any area of the face that needs concealer. The duo-fiber brush of short, wavy bristles and long, straight correction concealer brush in casebristles picks up and distributes powder or liquid concealer for a precise spot coverage of dark circles, redness, or any other imperfections that need coverage. The compact bristles can buff the concealer into skin for a perfect airbrushed coverage.

I really like this brush because it does help concealer to spread out and cover dark circles. This brush is very good at covering up blemishes. As you can see below I am using it here under my eye area blending in concealer. 


The entire Complexion Collection bundle is available together for $20.99. That is 25% off the total price of purchasing the brushes separately. Here is the link to purchase the bundle: http://bit.ly/1MYvuPt. I am loving these brushes and think that they perform very well. The price point is excellent too.

EcoTools products are available on www.ecotools.com and in mass market retailers nationwide. Go here to find a retailer near you: http://www.ecotools.com/where-to-buy.  Like EcoTools on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecotools; Follow EcoTools on Twitter: @ecotools; Follow EcoTools on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ecotools/; Follow EcoTools on Instagram: https://instagram.com/ecotools/; Subscribe to EcoTools on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EcoToolsAccessories?feature=mhum and Follow EcoTools on Google+: https://plus.google.com/102099459521973941902/posts.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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