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Monday, February 16, 2015

SkinCeuticals Announces the Launch of Metacell Renewal B3 #Skinceuticals

metacell renewal
SkinCeuticals announces the latest breakthrough in their cosmeceutical skincare portfolio, Metacell Renewal B3, a comprehensive corrective treatment that addresses the early symptoms of photoaging. Committed to providing advanced skincare backed by science, SkinCeuticals is proud to introduce a product that brings cutting-edge ingredients to consumers at a high level of efficacy, for a reclarified tone and retightened surface. 
First symptoms of photoaging appear at different rates and can emerge as early as 25, resulting in a once-pure complexion becoming compromised. An overall loss of surface elasticity is observed, alongside crow's feet, fine lines, dull and uneven tone, and a ruddy texture. 
Metacell Renewal B3 is powered by 5% niacinamide, a well-known molecule in the dermatological community that is shown to stimulate epidermal cellular turnover and reduce discoloration.  Also containing 2.5% tightening tri-peptide concentrate and 15% pure glycerin, Metacell Renewal B3 enhances surface cellular turnover, retightens skin's surface, evens skin tone, and attracts hydration continuously to the skin. Its patent-pending delivery system utilizes the high level of glycerin to deliver actives while maintaining both the skin's barrier and an elegant, smooth feel on application. 
"As we age, symptoms of photoaging become increasingly prominent – one out of every three women report seeing the first symptoms of aging before 35," said Brenda Wu, General Manager of SkinCeuticals.  "It's crucial to take corrective action early to prevent the damage from worsening. Seeing this need to correct multiple concerns, our team developed Metacell Renewal B3 to offer the most complete and effective corrective product that addressed these initial symptoms of photoaging.  We are excited to introduce this formulation and bring our consumer a product that meets her needs at this critical moment."
Using six different clinical methodologies, this is most comprehensive testing ever done on a SkinCeuticals corrective product.  Metacell Renewal B3 showed statistically significant improvement on six key symptoms of photoaging. Over 12 weeks, patients saw a significantly increased rate of cell turnover, a 10% improvement in firmness, 20% improvement in fine lines, 14% improvement in skin texture, 15% improvement in radiance, and 14% improvement in clarity. Researchers also observed a 24% reduction in transepidermal water loss.
Metacell Renewal B3 is just one part of a comprehensive, corrective skincare regimen. In order to fully prevent the symptoms of photoaging and protect against future damage, it is recommended to use combination antioxidant Phloretin CF in the morning, as well as a sunscreen like Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50, to shield skin from the spectrum of environmental damage. At night, take action with a corrective formula, such as Retinol 1.0, to support skin's own regeneration. 
SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3 will be available for $110 beginning February 2015 at physician offices nationwide, as well as www.skinceuticals.com.
ABOUT SKINCEUTICALS: Founded in Dallas, TX in 1997, SkinCeuticals discovers, develops, and delivers an advanced line of scientifically-backed cosmeceutical treatments.  As leaders in antioxidant, sun protection, and corrective technologies, SkinCeuticals products have been shown to dramatically improve skin health by protecting skin from environmental damage and visibly improving skin clarity, tone, and texture to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For more information, visit www.skinceuticals.com
SOURCE SkinCeuticals
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