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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Benefits of Latisse guest post by Alison Goodlin #Latisse #mascara #eyelashes #lashes

Below is a guest post about the benefits of using Latisse for your eyelashes. This is someone else’s opinion, not mine in the least. I did not write this post at all. All opinions and thoughts are those of the author.
The Benefits of Latisse
I always felt that bold eyelashes can completely change the look of your eyes. Mascara was my first love, however after trying Latisse for 3 months I am convinced this is the next miracle cosmetic product for long, thick lashes. I have the lashes I’ve always wanted. Want longer fuller lashes too? Well, here’s the scoop, so you can try it for yourself. 
What is Latisse?
The only FDA approved prescription treatment for short eyelashes. Latisse is the cousin of a prescription solution called Lumigan, which is originally used to treat glaucoma. Once professionals noticed that one of Lumigan’s side effects is eyelash growth – Latisse was born. 
Latisse is an easy to apply topical treatment to increase the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Trisha Kennedy, an expert injector and board certified nurse at the Skin Spa of Newnan Dermatology explains, “Latisse is a prescription solution called bimatoprost opthamalic. It is clinically proven to promote growth in your own natural eyelashes. Cosmetic products like mascara might make lashes look longer, thicker, and darker, but only Latisse actually helps your lashes grow.”
When I started using Latisse, I was told that it would take about 4 months for the full results to appear. Sure enough, about 4 weeks after starting the treatment I started to notice that my lashes looked longer. To my delight, my lashes grew somewhere between 2-3 millimeters!! As the weeks progressed, I started to notice an increase in fullness and darkness as well. At about 8 weeks after starting Latisse, I thought I had achieved the full result (I even went out without mascara for the first time in years), but it was just the start. 16 weeks after starting treatment my lashes were so much thicker than I ever thought they could be. 
One great thing about this product is that Latisse is very safe. Like any prescription, patients may experience some mild side effects, such as, darkened upper eyelid or eye irritation, but I personally didn’t experience any adverse effects - Just gorgeous, thick lashes. There has been some speculation of Latisse causing permanent darkening of light colored eyes and it did happen to some glaucoma patients who were directly applying the treatment to the eyeball, but no conclusive reports have been released of Latisse causing a change in eye color.
The one downside to this fabulous product is that Latisse’s amazing results only last as long as you continue using the treatment. I wanted to see exactly how my lashes would change if I stopped using the product, so after 3 months I stopped applying it. Believe it or not, only about a month after I stopped did I notice a difference in the thickness and length. The lashes naturally fell over time and I didn’t notice any gaps or excessive loss of lashes. Needless to say, I’m back to using Latisse again. Why not, right?
How Do You Use Latisse?
Applying Latisse is easy. Take out your contact lenses. Remove any makeup from the eyes and clean the area. The prescription solution comes in a dropper bottle. When you’re ready to apply, place a few drops of the solution on a clean, disposable lash brush. The solution is then brushed across the base of the upper eyelashes. Don’t apply Latisse to your lower lashes (when you blink the solution will get there on its own). Blot any excess solution with a clean tissue.
I love Latisse. It is so easy to use and the results are shockingly impressive. Although it doesn’t go in my makeup bag, this is one beauty product I don’t ever want to be without. Go for a new, dramatic look this year and try Latisse yourself! 

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