Came Expressions: CaneCovers #CaneExpressions #canes #handicapped #disabled #differentlyabled

I received this product from (pmad4cc1fb9b068faecfb70914acc63395).  It is a cover that is described as a functional yet stylish way to decorate your cane. The one I received is a white with black polka dots.

Granted, I don't think it was the most stylish one I could have received. It does add a different look to my cane. I have several canes that I use for different seasons and this adds something of a nice addition to make it more variable to what I normally have each day. I would prefer a different style but it does work well. Just pull it up over the cane and voila! You have a new, stylish cane. Since it is something I have to use daily this is a nice treat. 

Cane Expressions are sold on for $9.99 per sleeve. Here is the bit link:
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