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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review: Karin Herzog AHA Cream #KarinHerzog #AHACream #cream #AHA #alphahydroxyacid #facecream #dailycream #AHAs

(photo courtesy of www.karinherzog.com)
karin herzog aha cream
For 25 years now, I have been a fan of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). I remember my best friend coming to me one night with news of something fabulous she just read about in Allure. What she read about was the (then) new ingredients called alpha hydroxy acids and that these new ingredients were going to change the face of skincare. They did. AHAs became the new face of youth enhancing skincare during the 1980’s and 1990’s. And they are still very popular! 

Alpha hydroxy acids come from fruits, milk and various other natural ingredients. They work by removing dead skin that accumulate, chemically disintegrating them from the outer layer of the skin.  AHAs help skincare treatments to penetrate the dermis, allowing them to work better. AHAs can be gentle or harsh on the skin, depending on the amount of the acid in the treatment. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons use very strong AHAs to help peel away many layers of the skin to make skin look much, much younger. Estheticians use moderate level AHAs to help peel away the skin while customers use the mildest form of AHAs such at that in creams and in mild peels. 

Karin Herzog products are based on oxygen skincare. Her line is the only one formulated with oxygen stabilized skincare, which helps nutrients to the collagen producing cells. Dr. Paul Herzog, Karin Herzog’s husband, did many years of research on oxygen and its effects on the body. When he retired, he and his wife decided to move to Lake Geneva in Switzerland. They started working on skincare together. The line is dedicated to anti-aging, skin’s natural replenishment and recovery process.

Karin Herzog has produced a cream with a mild AHA that is mild yet effective at removing dead skin from the dermis and lets skincare products work more efficiently. AHA Cream works by removing dead skin cells, revitalizing dull skin, increasing collagen density to reduce hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. It contains citric acid, tartaric acid (from grapes), glycolic acid (from sugar cane), retinol and Vitamin E. Regular use of this product will help to allow better absorption of other products that are part of your regular skincare regimen. This is one of the best things that AHAs can do, helping skincare products to work better. Products can do this because the dead skin cells have been removed, leaving fresh new skin that can absorb products easily.
Those with normal, dry or combination skin can use this cream nightly. Just apply and massage into skin. You may then apply your other skincare products. For those with oily skin, apply a fine layer and massage into the skin. Wait 10 minutes until it partially absorbs into skin and then it is recommended to apply Karin Herzog’s Vit-A-Kombi Cream. The AHA Cream should be used at least three times a week at night. 

I love how gentle this cream is. I use AHAs all the time so I am very familiar with how strong they can be. For me this cream is very gentle and does not sting or cause any problems. It can definitely be used daily without any problems. It exfoliates without causing flakiness or irritation. It does not cause any redness to the skin either. For me this cream is very gentle to the skin. This cream is perfect for those that want to exfoliate their skin with an AHA but do not want to have any of the problems associated with stronger AHAs.

Karin Herzog AHA Cream comes in a 1.73 fl.oz./50mL tube and retails for $60.00. It can be purchased from www.karinherzog.com. Like Karin Herzog on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uskarinherzog; Follow Karin Herzog on Twitter: @USKarinHerzog; Follow Karin Herzog on Instagram: https://instagram.com/USKarinherzog/; Follow Karin Herzog on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/uskarinherzog and Subscribe to Karin Herzog on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCavgFwuYQdW3qFmchpBN_6Q/feed

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