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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review: RejuvadermMD MicrodermabrasionOn-The-Go #RejuvadermMD #microdermabrasion #skincare

(photo courtesy of www.trophyskin.com)
rejuvaderm MD
Microdermabrasion is a great treatment to get that helps to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, liver spots, age spots, dull uneven skin tone, blotchy skin, rough skin and more. However, this treatment is very expensive. So, what is a girl to do? Well there is a solution. There are now microdermabrasion kits for at-home use. These kits get pretty good results that are somewhat comparable to the medical grade microdermabrasion results you will get in a medi-spa. 

The RejuvadermMD Microdermabrasion On-The-Go does the following: it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age and liver spots, sun damaged skin, acne and other mild scarring, dull and uneven skin tone and rough skin on hands and feet. In a 6 week clinical research study of RejuvadermMD, 85% of study participants found that they saw a reduction in nasolabial (lines coming from the nose and lip area) and perioral lines (stemming from the around the lips). Eighty percent of the participants found a decrease in pore size. And, 70% of the study participants saw a mild to moderate decrease in sun damage. 

The RejuvadermMD device can be used a number of different ways: smooth, brighten and rejuvenate the skin with the diamond tip. It has 4 power levels with the Pore Extraction Tip that allow extraction to remove oil and blackheads. And, the device has an Infusion Tip that allows it to be used for infusion of skincare serums and creams deeper into the skin. The device has a diamond tip that allows for excellent exfoliation of the skin. The diamond tip does not wear down but stays hard as a rock, allowing for great exfoliation of the skin forever. There are no crystals, making the device mess-free and portable. Best of all, it costs less than a trip to a medi-spa! Using the device takes about 5 minutes once to twice a week. It is easy enough that a beginner can use it, just follow the directions. 

Here is a video that discusses the RejuvadermMD device:

I found the RejuvadermMD device to do a pretty good job. At first I thought, meh, this is not going to do anything because there are no crystals. I was wrong. The diamond tip actually does exfoliate very well. The device does have 4 levels of suction to work with. I need the strongest level since I have skin that is used to being chemically exfoliated. I am also a fan of of the skincare infusion tip. I like that it helps to infuse my serums into the skin. That is always helpful. So all in all, this is a good device and I would recommend it. It needs to be used at least 2x a week for best results. Use up to 3x a week for great results. For me, it helped with my sun damage. I have sun damage from years of sun burn when I was little. It is starting to take its toll on my 43 year old skin now. What I do is a combination of peels and the microdermabrasion and voila! My skin ends up looking pretty good. Do not do both at the same time. That is asking for trouble. (I am an esthetician and can say with certainty what you can do and cannot do with potent skincare products)

If you need some exfoliation that is deeper than what you get with at home chemical peels and you do not want exfoliation that is not as deep as what you get in a medi-spa, this device is for you. It is much less expensive than the treatments in medi-spas and doctor’s offices. The RejuvadermMD Microdermabrasion On-The-Go retails for $199.00 and can be purchased from http://trophyskin.com/products/rejuvadermmd. Like Trophy Skin on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrophySkin; Follow Trophy Skin on Twitter: @trophyskin; Follow Trophy Skin on Instagram: https://instagram.com/trophyskin/; Follow Trophy Skin on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/trophyskin/ and Subscribe to Trophy Skin on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TrophySkin1

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