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Review: Caress Forever Collection Body Wash #CaressForever

(photo courtesy of
Caress Body Wash
Caress Body Wash introduces a new way to bring fragrance to your day. The company has two new body washes with long lasting fragrances, Love Forever and Adore Forever. The Caress Forever Collection is the world’s first body wash with fragrance touch technology. This breakthrough technology has Fragrance Release Pearls that release bursts of fragrance every time you touch your skin. The collection delivers long-lasting, unforgettable fine-fragrance that lasts up to 12 hours! 

The collection was born from an award winning perfumer, Loc Dong. He has decades of experience making more than 40 scents that are renowned for major fashion and fragrance houses. The two scents made for Caress were captured by the coveted, mysterious scarlet red rose with breakthrough Living Rose technology. It was inspired by the confident and modern woman.

caress love forevercaress adore forever

There are two scents in the collection, Love Forever and Adore Forever. Both are sensual, divine scents that are some of the most beautiful I have ever had the pleasure to smell. They are so wonderful. Love Forever light, floriental sweetness with scarlet roses and dark, lush berries. It smells like heaven on earth. Adore Forever is an irresistible feminine fragrance with floral musk and sparkling pink roses laced in amber. It also smells divine. Like a sensual garden of Eden. I love both of them and have been hiding them from my teenage girls who want to use them! They are in love with the fragrances.
This body wash has a great sudsing action. The amount of suds this body wash produces is amazing. There is no need to worry about feeling clean, the detergent action is extraordinary. It feels and smells like a garden in the shower. Afterwards I did press on my skin, touching to see if it released the scent as promised. It did. My skin smelled beautiful for hours on end. I kept touching it up to 12 hours after my shower and it did still smell but the fragrance was faint by this time, but I will still count this as having fragrance similar to perfume. This product does exactly as it says it would. I am very happy with this body wash. 

Caress Forever Collection is available from mass market retailers for $5.99 for a 13.5 fl.oz./400 mL bottle. Like Caress on Facebook:; Follow Caress on Twitter: @caress and Follow Caress on Instagram:

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Review: Laura Mercier Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation #LauraMercier #Foundation #silkcreme

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Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation
I love Laura Mercier foundations. She is a master at getting skin to look absolutely perfect. She has a new foundation out that is even better than most of her original ones! This one, called Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation, is a long wearing formula with a high pigment content that provides up to 12 hours of full coverage all while feeling completely comfortable on the skin. It is part of the Silk Crème collection, which comes in Oil Free and Moisturizing formulas. It hides even the most hard-to-cover imperfections. This photo-ready, naturally luminous finish is ideal for video, photography and special events like weddings or the red carpet. But it is also great for everyday wear, as I have used it and found it to be especially good. 

Laura Mercier began her career working on editorial spreads for high fashion magazines and as a personal makeup artist to celebrities. So that these women would have something to makeup them look flawless, Laura Mercier wanted to provide them with a foundation with a flawless and photo-ready canvas. She wanted to create a foundation that offered the ultimate in skin smoothing and softening. Silk was her muse. She became captivated by the various benefits that silk embodies. It can offer different cosmetic benefits depending upon the silk included in the formula. Silk became the inspiration for the Silk Crème collection. 

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing  Photo Edition Foundation

I love how luminous this foundation is. After applying, skin looks and feels like silk. Skin imperfections disappear, leaving skin to be perfect. I tried the Rose Ivory shade, which was a good fit for me. It was just a tad too cool but overall I do have trouble finding the perfect shade for me all the time. I like how my skin glows with this foundation, it has a naturally luminous finish that you don’t want to cover up with powder. I also like how it wears all day long, for up to 12 hours without any problems of coming off on my skin or clothes. This is definitely a great long wearing foundation that has no problems. Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation comes in 12 shades: Rose Ivory, Cream Ivory, Ivory, Ecru, Bamboo Beige, Beige Ivory, Medium Ivory, Cashew Beige, Sand Beige, Suntan, Pecan, Truffle.

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation retails for $48.00 per 1 fl.oz./30mL tube. It is available from,, and all retailers of Laura Mercier. Like Laura Mercier on Facebook:; Follow Laura Mercier on Twitter: @LauraMercier; Subscribe to Laura Mercier on YouTube:; Follow Laura Mercier on Pinterest: and Follow Laura Mercier on Instagram:

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: Giella Custom Blend Lipstick #Giella #GiellaCustomBlendCosmetics #customblend

giella natallia custom blend lipstick
There is a website, Giella, that does custom blend cosmetics. I found it while searching around one day and immediately was struck by how much variety of custom blending they have available. I ordered a custom blend lipstick. I was very excited to see how the custom blend lipstick would turn out. When you order it you pick from a variety of various base shades and can blend into it the type of coverage you want (full or sheer), aroma (vanilla, coconut vanilla, peppermint or grapefruit), shimmer (white, pink or gold) and additives (creamy or matte). I chose the shade Natallia (a pinky nude), and this is the type of lipstick I chose to get: full coverage, coconut vanilla aroma with white shimmer and a matte finish. 

The lipstick has a great payoff. It goes on very creamy, with lots of pigmentation. One swipe is all you need to get full coverage, the shimmer is just enough to so that it shows up when the light hits it. I like the aroma from the coconut vanilla, which is not too overpowering. All in all, I am very happy with this product and cannot find anything negative to say about it.

Giella Custom Blend Lipstick in Natallia

(swatch of Giella Natallia for Marie Papachatzis)


(wearing Giella Natallia)

There are many custom blend cosmetics and regular cosmetics that Giella has: lip gloss, lip paint, lip liners, foundation, blush, powder, tinted moisturizer, bronzer, highlighters, eye shadows, mascara, loose blush, skincare, nail polish, etc. The custom blend lipstick runs $30.00. I liked mine and would definitely think about getting another one. There are 38 base shades of lipstick to choose from and many different ways to customize them. I chose something rather safe, actually but would love to go back and get something fun and bright. Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics are available from Like Giella on Facebook:; Follow Giella on Twitter: @Giellacosmetics; Follow Giella on Pinterest: and Follow Giella on Instagram:

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Review: EnvyDerm Lip Plumper and Mascara Win a $300 Gift Card from EnvyDerm!


EnvyDerm Lip Plumper

EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing and Conditioning Plump is a great product for those who want plumper lips. It comes in bright colors, give lips up to 37% fuller lips that are plumped up instantly with no pain, buring, or stinging. The color is sheer to semi-sheer. It is paraben-free and formulated without any Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Sulfates and Phthalates, GMO's, Triclosan, Mineral Oils. This Product is Cruelty Free. It has peptides and tripeptides to boost collagen production for plumper, fuller lips. The formula has 13 organic moisturizing oils and vitamins for softer, rejuvenating lips. I tried J’Taime. It is a bright red that has a semi-sheer coverage.

EnvyDerm Lip Plumper is available from Amazon for $23.00:

EnvyDerm Mascara

The volumizing mascara conditions and moisturizes lashes. The formula is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil, vitamins and minerals. It has intense color that dries instantly. The color will not fade, smudge, run or flake for all day wear. It formulated without: Prostaglandin, Parabens, Synthetic fragrance, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOS, Tricolosan, Mineral Oils, Animal products.

EnvyDerm Mascara is available on Amazon for $24.74:

Win a $300 Gift Card from EnvyDerm:

Review: Somnis Natural Sleep Aid

2 Somnis Natural Sleep Aid

If you have trouble sleeping, like I do, then you are often looking for sleep aids. I look for natural ones, containing herbs and melatonin. I take meds that help sometimes but I still suffer insomnia. This sleep aid, called Somnis, contains melatnoin 2mg, GABA (gamma amniobutryic acid) 125 mg, L-tryptophan 125 mg and Vitamin B6 10 mg. All of these items are known for relaxing the body and allowing for sleep to occur. The melatonin in this capsule is only in a 2 mg dose, which is very low. Adults can take up to 10 mg. When I take this I definitely fall asleep fairly quickly and when I wake up I don’t feel groggy. I am still struggling with waking up in the middle of the night though, so it does not help with that. It does just help with getting me to fall asleep. It is 100% natural though, which is good. There are no side effects known from the ingredients in this formula. It is also non-habit forming. Take 1-2 capsules per night for sleep aid.

A bottle of 60 capsules runs for $17.95 on

Review: K2R-803 Portable Power Bank

K2R-803 Power Source

I was so lucky to get to try this item out. At our house we are often struggling for the cords to charge our iPhone, because the kids lose them and I and my husband are left with the only good ones. So when I got to test this out I was very happy. This is a great idea.

The K2R-803 Portable Power Bank is a chargeable, portable power source that you can use to charge various items: iPhones, Android phones, laptops, etc. Once charged it takes only a small amount of time to actually charge your item. My iPhone charged in 45 minutes for 100%. It comes with 2 USB ports and a flashlight. It also comes with LED Micro and lightning cables. The LED On The Cables Displays A Red Light To Indicate The Device Is Charging. A Blue Light Indicates It Is Charged.

EXCELLENT QUALITY AND DURABILITY: Protection Functions: Intelligent Monitoring System With Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Short-Circuit, Over-Load Safety Protection With Dual Output, Charges Two Devices At Once - Safety Certificates: RoHS, FC & CE
GENUINE LITHIUM ION BATTERY: 7,800mAh Battery (100% Real Capacity) - Fully Charge Your iPhone Battery Almost 4 Times (iPhone Battery 1420mAh)
100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: They pride themselves in developing cutting-edge technology with superior quality. This is the travel charger for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, smartphones, and tablets. If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love Your K2R Portable Charger, Just Return It, And they will Refund Every Cent. PLUS AN INCREDIBLE THREE YEAR WARRANTY!

I am very happy with this. I had one issue with it and talked to customer service. They fixed it right away. I think this company is a great company to deal with. It is available for $29.99 on

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Somme Institute Presents SKIN RESET, the Most Effective and Comprehensive Solution to the Dismaying Problem of Facial Aging

The core active in SKIN RESET is MDT5™ (Molecular Dispersion Technology), a matrix of potent, stable, and re-engineered vitamins that are encapsulated within peptides for trans-epidermal delivery.

somme institute
After years of dedicated research on the phenomenon of cellular aging in humans, Somme Institute has developed what can be unequivocally described as a product that rejigs aging facial skin.  A product that fills, firms, tightens and thickens facial skin.  A product that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and restores normal skin tone with optimal hydration.
Somme Institute has announced the introduction of SKIN RESET, the most effective and comprehensive solution to the dismaying problem of facial aging.  Clinically proven in women and men of all ages, skin types and ethnicity.
SKIN RESET improves the appearance of facial skin from being lax and wrinkled to tight and smooth, through firming, filling and thickening actions.  Its advanced design enhances trans-epidermal penetration of an aggregation of re-engineered vitamins that have undergone molecular modification.  At the heart of SKIN RESET is MDT5™, another Somme Institute innovation.
MDT5™ is a matrix of potent, stable and re-engineered vitamins that are enveloped within peptides for trans-epidermal delivery.  When applied on skin, this engineering marvel of molecular bio-chemistry enables the vitamin matrix-cum-peptide capsules to penetrate mottled and aging skin. MDT5™ is a very efficient delivery system, almost like a superconductor, transporting re-engineered vitamins essential for cellular renewal and skin rejuvenation.
SKIN RESET works by driving MDT5™ deep into aging and aged skin.  MDT5™ carries its cell­­ rejuvenating, peptide-enveloped vitamin complex for dispersal within the limp sub-surface collagen lattice.  During the process of delivery, Somme Institute's technology ensures protection of these fragile vitamins from degradation by skin enzymes.  This protection ensures intact delivery of the potent vitamin complex, resulting in a taut sub-surface collagen lattice.
A causal relationship has been established between MDT5™ and its stunning reversal of sun damage, fading of fine lines and wrinkles and a muting of skin discoloration.  Research dermatologists also have confirmed the ability of MDT5™ to firm, fill, tighten, thicken and hydrate the skin.
The observed changes are skin firming with a reduction in skin laxity and fine lines caused by tautening of a limp collagen lattice, leading to dramatically improved elastic skin that looks smooth, younger and radiant.  In addition, MDT5™ intensively re-hydrates dry skin into a moist, matte and supple state.  These positive changes are progressive, evident from the first week of use with significant results manifesting between 4 and 6 weeks.
This transformation by SKIN RESET has been reconfirmed using the Faraghan ultra-high resolution clinical camera system.  This UV camera system captured surface and sub-surface changes induced by Skin Reset.
In order to fully benefit from the potent activity of Skin Reset's key components, it is best to apply Skin Reset at night, after Transport and Serum, when the resting skin demonstrates greatest ability to "reset" its health.
Launch date: Early May 2015  
MSRP: $85    
Size:   1.7 oz.
SOURCE Somme Institute

Skin Inc, Skin Supplement Bar, The Leader In Customizable Skincare, Partners With Sephora In An Industry 'First'

skin inc logo1akin inc pic
Skin Inc, Skin Supplement Bar, the leader in customized and innovative skincare solutions from Japan, is thrilled to announce its expansion in the US and Canada, with the leading beauty retailer, Sephora. Skin Inc is partnering with Sephora in an industry 'first' to empower beauty aficionados to create a custom skincare serum, My Daily Dose, designed for their unique needs.  Powered by a proprietary product and technology, this custom skincare solution will now be available for the first time in select Sephora stores as well as nationally through and With this 'one size fits one' solution, Skin Inc delivers truly awesome results without the fuss. 
Sabrina Tan, founder and CEO, was inspired to create Skin Inc 7 years ago in a unique marriage of technology and skincare. "As a busy working mom of two, I was frustrated by my changing needs, eczema-prone skin and inability to find products that truly answered to my needs. Skincare needed to get smarter and I decided to make it happen with Skin Inc. Beauty for me is about empowering the individual and I am thrilled to be partnering with Sephora on this."
Skin Inc's proprietary technology, Skin Identity, an easy to use online skin quiz developed by experienced researchers, helps you get a deeper understanding of your skin and the impact of your lifestyle, environment and genetics on its condition. Empowered with this knowledge, you can be confident of making the right choice for your skin & creating a solution that works for you. Your My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum features three Skin Inc Serums, each combining deep, long-lasting hydration with active ingredients that remain pure and potent until the moment of application, due to patented-seaweed encapsulation. With cutting-edge Japanese technology, all of Skin Inc products are also scent and paraben free.
"With Skin Inc, Skin Supplement Bar, we have a unique opportunity to be able to delight our client with a truly customized skincare solution for the first time. Skin Inc counseling will also be available on and in-store through Sephora's Skincare IQ, so our client can make an informed decision on what's right for their skin. This is the future of skincare and we are excited to be partnering with Skin Inc to make it a reality." Artemis Patrick, SVP Merchandising Sephora. 
Skin Inc, Skin Supplement Bar is now exclusively available in-store at 66 Sephora locations nationwide, and
SOURCE Skin Inc, Skin Supplement Bar

Review: Essentielle Beauty Korean Monthly Subscription Box #essentiellebeauty #monthlybeautybox #beautyboxes #beautysubscriptionbox

Essentielle Beauty Mystery Box
With the success of monthly subscription boxes and Korean skincare boxes, comes a special breed of monthly subscription box, Essentielle Beauty. This one is special because it only comes with high end Korean beauty companies. There are five different boxes you can subscribe to so far. There is the simple skincare box, deluxe skincare box, makeup box, mystery box and the starter box. She will begin to take orders for international subscriptions in June 2015, though individual boxes can be ordered for international shipping. First, you fill out a profile of your skin and makeup wants and needs.

The simple skincare box runs: $39 a month, 3 months for $38 a month, 6 months for $37.34 and 12 months for $35.34. For this box she has had her staff travel around, even to Korea, to find the best of the best to put in this box. They are tested out to see which work well. Divided by profile type and the box will contains a mix of cutting edge and traditional products. Occasionally a lipstick or other product will be thrown in. Normal skin, dry and aging skin, combination, troubled and oily skin. Shipping charges for US are $5 per box on all subscriptions longer than one month.  For one month and international orders extra shipping charges apply. 

The deluxe skincare box is: $55 a month, 3 months for $55 a month, 6 months for $53.84 and 12 months for $52.00. This box is for those who are willing to pay for premium products and brands. Some products and ingredients cost more, may have patented or more complex products. It is a more expensive box but well worth it. Sometimes this box may only contain one or two products and at times she may throw in a lipstick for a fun item. Shipping is free for a one month trial subscription. This box is great for those with normal skin, dry skin, combination, aging, troubled or oily skin. 

The makeup box runs: $39 a month, 3 months for $38 a month, 6 months for $36.67 and $35.84 for 12 months. This box is all cosmetics and no skincare. She might throw in a sample or two occasionally. Lipsticks, eye shadows, blush, eyeliners, mascara and more are all included in this box. Not all in each month though. This box only contains full size products. She will strive to create complete looks or season sensitive collections. For one month and international orders extra shipping charges apply. 

The mystery box runs $36 a month, 3 months for $36 a month, 6 months for $35.34 and 12 months for $35 a month. The mystery box is a mix of everything. You get skincare and makeup in the box. In each box she aims to have a new “must have” discovery. For one month and international orders extra shipping charges apply.

The starter box is $29 a month, 3 months for $29 a month, 6 months for $28 a month and 12 months for $27 a month. This option is a great way to try Essentielle Beauty. Filled each month with new and fun products, it is a great way to find new and fun luxurious items that you will love. For one month and international orders extra shipping charges apply. 

I was able to try out a Mystery Box. In it I received the following: Rice Water Toner, Privia Peeling Gel Mask, Mung Bean Mask, bright lipstick and serum and lotion. I feel that this was definitely a good amount of product in the box for what she charges for the monthly premium. I tried out the products and liked them a lot. Korean products are a little different than American ones, focusing on different issues than ours. I like the Peeling Gel and the Mung Mask a lot. 

essentielle beauty items
mung bean maskrice tonerserumsprivia peeling gellipstick from essentielle beauty

What is so nice about this subscription service is that there are a nice variety of boxes to choose from. And in each of these boxes there are a good number of products. I spoke with the founder of Essentielle Beauty and she wants to include only the finest Korean beauty products on the market. Sometimes her boxes may only include one to two products but these are very expensive products. She chooses only the finest skincare and makeup products available from Korea. The owner and founder, Megan Jones, has told me that she is now expanding outside of Korean products with some products from Switzerland and other countries in Europe, still keeping up with the high end theme of course. She is purchasing perfumes and other lovely products that are hard to find. She also has a lot of the products available for purchase on her website. So, if you like the products you area able to purchase them. And the prices are very reasonable. 

Subscribe to Essentielle Beauty here: Like Essentielle Beauty on Facebook: and Follow Essentielle Beauty on Twitter: @essentiellebeauty.

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Review: My Amazing Repair & Shine Secret #repairandshinesecret #haircare #myamazingblowdrysecret

A while ago I reviewed a line of hair care called “My Amazing Blow Dry Secret” that reduces blow dry time by up to 50%. This line is now out with a new product called My Amazing Repair & Shine Secret. I tried the two new products and here are my thoughts below! Here is a link to the original review of the My Amazing Blow Dry Secret products,, which covers My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Conditioner and My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shake n’ Spray.
My Amazing Repair & Shine Secret

My Amazing Repair & Shine Secret is a light but very powerful serum that works as a leave in conditioner to moisturize, repair and restore damaged hair. It adds shine and luster to dull, color faded hair. It reduces frizz, protects and adds vibrancy to color treated hair. Hair is totally rejuvenated. What is also great about this product is that it also acts as a color catalyst for hair color application by giving better color coverage for all hair colors, especially gray and red hair. It combines the conditioning power of jojoba oil, the rejuvenation properties of cranberry and pear fruit extracts and the repair capacity of creatine and keratin. These allow the product to reconstruct, smooth, add gloss, to add shine, condition and moisturize dull, dry/damaged hair from the inside out, locking in the color and moisture all while adding strength. It also protects the hair cuticle against heat damage from styling tools and the sun’s harmful rays.

This can be used as a leave-in conditioner by using it on damp hair. Apply a dime sized amount and work from roots to ends. Style as desired. Or it can be used as a color catalyst with high lift, bleached and foil protector. Apply a few drops of this to the color bowl as the last part, mix well and apply as usual.
What I love about this serum is how my hair looks after I use it. Is phenomenal a good description? Because it does look that good. This serum takes away frizziness, which is the bane of my hair troubles. It makes hair look sleek, shiny and downright beautiful. I tried it in my hair color, which I have always done at home and my hair came out beautiful this time. Much more vibrant than it usually does. I mixed in a few drops with my red color and it added some definite jazziness. 

My Amazing Repair & Shine Secret comes in two sizes. The 3.4 oz. size retails for $20.00 and the 12 oz. size retails for $44.00. This product is available from And for professionals, you can go to Cosmoprof. Like My Amazing Blow Dry Secret on Facebook:, Follow My Amazing Blow Dry Secret on Twitter:@MyAmazingHair and Subscribe to My Amazing Blow Dry Secret on YouTube:

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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Reveals #LONGWEARLIFEPROOF Campaign Pushing UserGenerated Content to theLimit #BobbiBrownCosmetics #BobbiBrown #LongwearLifeProof

Global beauty brand Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is proud to unveil #LONGWEARLIFEPROOF, a user generated content-driven campaign created to celebrate the launch of the brand's new Long-Wear Eye Collection, featuring some of the world's greatest female extreme athletes. As the first prestige color cosmetics brand to partner with extreme athletes as brand ambassadors in the social/digital space, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics will partner with four decorated and GoPro-sponsored athletes with diverse specialties: American World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic Gold Medalist Julia Mancuso; halfpipe snowboarding Olympic gold and silver medalist and three-time Olympian Hannah Teter; World Surf League (WSL) Longboard Champion and professional surfer Kelia Moniz; and world record BASE jumper Roberta Mancino. Each of these pretty powerful women embodies strength, confidence and courage and serves to build awareness around the idea of "life-proof" beauty.

Acting as brand ambassadors with a global reach in the millions, each athlete will capture raw footage of themselves in their sport wearing Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Long-Wear makeup. Outfitted with a GoPro camera, the women will ski (Julia), snowboard (Hannah), surf (Kelia), and BASE jump/shark dive (Roberta) showcasing how they live life to the extreme and how--throughout it all--their Long-Wear makeup remains water-proof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and above all, life-proof. By leveraging their unique talents, #LONGWEARLIFEPROOF intends to prove that Long-Wear makeup can push the limits just as these real women athletes do, and just as real women do in their daily lives. Moreover, in giving the athletes an opportunity and platform to share their stories, the campaign also aims to celebrate the idea that female athletes do indeed care about beauty and the role that makeup plays in further boosting their confidence. 

"I have always loved and admired athletes, and I find these four women to be extraordinarily admirable and unique," said Bobbi Brown, Makeup Artist, Founder and CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, "They are strong, determined, passionate and confident in who they are and what they do. There is nothing more beautiful or inspiring. I'm honored they will get to share their beauty stories with our brand followers while also showing firsthand how our Long-Wear makeup can stand up to even the most extreme of lifestyles."

#LONGWEARLIFEPROOF content will live on a campaign dedicated landing page on, and link out to the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics YouTube channel. Content will also be shared socially, across the brand's Instagram (@BobbiBrown), Twitter (@BobbiBrown) and Facebook (Bobbi Brown Cosmetics) platforms and on each of the four athletes' personal social media accounts with a focus on YouTube and Instagram: @juliamancuso, @hannahteter, @keliamoniz, and @mancinoroberta.     

For more information on #LONGWEARLIFEPROOF Campaign, please visit

YouTube Video of Athetes in Motion:
SOURCE Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Introducing NIP+FAB's Dragon's Blood Fix - A Favorite of AmbassadorKylie Jenner

Just in time for the new season of HBO's hit show, Game of Thrones, NIP+FAB's new facial treatment range, Dragon's Blood Fix, will be launching this week into CVS stores nationwide. A complete skincare regimen for your inner 'Mother of Dragons'.

A favorite of NIP+FAB's new ambassador, Kylie Jenner, this line features the key ingredient of Dragon's Blood, an exotic and naturally red resin found in the Amazon that is known for its healing and cooling properties. Like the impenetrable skin of a dragon, this ingredient forms a protective 'second skin' over the skin's surface, which helps to fight off inflammation and environmental aggressors. The range features cleansing pads, a plumping serum and a plumping mask that all work in unison to hydrate, plump, sculpt and lift the complexion. 

NIP+FAB brand ambassador, Kylie Jenner:
"I have dry skin so the Dragon's Blood Serum is super nourishing. I never get on a flight without it. Working with NIP+FAB is a dream come true."

NIP+FAB is a complete skincare and body care range founded by Maria Hatzistefanis to address everyday concerns at affordable prices, helping men and women achieve results in double the timeNIP+FAB delivers targeted treatments for the face and body, formulated with innovative and natural advanced skin smoothing, boosting and firming ingredients.

Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads $12.95
Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum $19.95
Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Mask $14.95
Available April 2015 at CVS stores nationwide



Vita Liberata Announced as the Only Beauty Brand to Win Two ConsecutiveQueen's Award for International Trade #VitaLiberata #selftanning

For the second year running, luxury self-tanning brand, Vita Liberata has been recognized with the UK's most prestigious business award - The Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade. This award is universally regarded as the UK's highest accolade for international business success and to be awarded it for two years running acknowledges the significant drive and growth the company is achieving.

"Winning The Queen's Award for the second year running is an incredible accolade, one no other beauty brand has ever achieved. It's a recognition of the dynamic, creative, tenacious and incredibly smart team of (mostly) young women that work with us across 24 time zones and as many countries. It is even more remarkable when you consider that operations are run from the Company's Global Headquarters in the small market town of Ballyclare in Northern Ireland.

We have been fortunate to partner with some of the strongest retailers in our sector, who recognise both the amazing quality of our products, and the ability of our team to deliver on our joint goals. This Award recognises our team, our product and our determination to bring what we make to a world stage. It is a wonderful accolade. We are very proud indeed!" Founder and CEO of Vita LiberataAlyson Hogg.

Having seen outstanding overseas sales growth of over 400% in recent years, Vita Liberata now sells to more than 1,200 spas and salons in the UK and Ireland and has growing presence in key retail chains, such as Boots, where the range is sold in over 1000 stores. Internationally, the Belfast-born company is now available in 26 countries worldwide in over 1000 stores, and in 2014, the award winning brand extended its channels to include QVC within the US.

The Queen's Award for Enterprise
The Queen's Awards for Enterprise are the UK's most prestigious business awards, given only to companies or individuals who are outstanding in their field. Previously known as the Queen's Awards for Industry, the first awards were given in 1966.

Winners are announced on 21st April, the Queen's birthday each year, with each receiving a grant of appointment, a presentational item and an invitation from HM The Queen to a reception at Buckingham Palace on July 14th.

New online store #petalandpost #ecoluxury #earthday

The new online store, offers a vast array of exceptionally high quality authentic green products imported from around the world. 

"The store was designed to be a source for luxury eco products that are truly authentic in a time where greenwashing has peaked and consumers are left uneasy and discouraged." states Jamie MacLean, President & Founder of Petal & Post. "I am deeply disappointed and frustrated by companies in the 'natural' personal care space who continue to trick consumers through misleading packaging, branding and label call-outs on products that are not natural in formulation, let alone organic." 

Passion informs everything Petal & Post offers; from the meticulous selection of their global niche brands to working with people who care as much about the environment as they do. "We believe that using natural ingredients in their purest state makes a world of difference. Nature has provided us with powerful resources which work in harmony with our bodies and which make us look and feel more beautiful" says MacLean.

The criteria behind the selection of brands they carry ensures that undesirable synthetic chemicals are not present and that nutritional expertise, traditional remedies, regional heritage, along with cutting-edge scientific research and product development testing remain the focus behind every product.  Among the 50+ brands they carry are Neom Organics, Ila Spa, LURK, Lily Lolo, Province Apothecary, Odacite, Primavera Life, Kahina Giving Beauty, Treat Collection, Leaves of Trees, Safeas Organic Beauty, Graydon Clinical Luxury, MUN, Lite + Cycle, Murchison-Hume, The Laundress, HAVEN, Finn + Emma, Kickee Pants, Love Mae, Kate Quinn Organics and Mini Organics.    

Petal & Post offers a refined collection of products that are free-from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), parabens, propylene, or butylene glycols, petroleum, PEGs, TEA, DEA, phthalates, silicones, pesticides, BPA, lead, artificial dyes, harmful synthetic fragrances or animal by-products. None of the brands they stock test their products on animals, nor do they instruct anyone to do so on their behalf.  They must meet their strict 'Purity Pledge', be free of toxins, be effective in their performance and offer absolute luxury.  

Their sourcing policy looks beyond the elimination of common ingredients to avoid and drills down further requiring brands to conform to their 'Strict Free-From Ingredients Policy', a comprehensive list of ingredients found on government watch lists around the world.  Petal & Post also looks for brands who are manufactured as 100% carbon neutral, donate to developing areas, and/or create foundations to protect our environment and our health.  Each product Petal & Post carries is accompanied by a complete, full disclosure ingredients list detailing its composition to enable the consumer to make a clear and informed choice.  

Items purchased can be shipped anywhere in the world, in fact, all orders received by 1pm EST Monday to Friday are guaranteed to be processed same day.  Shipping and returns in Canada and the USA are free on orders $50 or more and all major credit cards are accepted, including PayPal accounts. 

"This Earth Day, we are thrilled to launch online eco-luxury shopping to consumers in North America & abroad," commented MacLean. "These consumers will now have twenty-four hour access to the world's leading luxury green beauty, baby, home and wellness brands via their desktops, smartphones, and tablets".  

The online store offers many customer service perks such as exceptional customer care via email, Twitter, Facebook and their 1-800 phone line answered Monday to Sunday 10am – 7pm EST.  Their product Ratings and Reviews assist customers to make an educated buying decision.  Past Purchase History captures all orders in the user's account so they will have access to that favourite shade of eyeshadow or that cleanser that was a hit, making future shopping easier than ever. They also offer free shipping and returns in North America on order $50+, a money back guarantee policy and an information rich resource portal offering links to key research reports, influential books, articles, apps and more.

In addition to introducing its new online store, Petal & Post has also launched a blog called blogPOST. The blog brings together a digest of all things green in the beauty, baby and home scene. BlogPOST is where the Founder shares her personal style and offers eco-inspiration through recipes, wellbeing, DIY projects, contests, industry news, green beauty tips, tricks and more.   

For more information on Petal & Post and its new online store, visit

Products sold at promise to cut through the green washing clutter.

SOURCE Petal & Post

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