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Friday, May 29, 2015

New! Luster Premium White Smile Illuminator Kit #SmileIlluminator #teethwhitening

With Summer here, women everywhere are prepping their beachside beauty essentials to achieve that sun kissed glow.  However, once the vacation is over, it doesn't have to mean that your tan has to! Here's how to keep the glow going strong!
  1. Wear White – This is a tried-and-tested trick for giving the illusion of tanner skin for a longer period of time. By simply wearing white or a lighter shade, your face will instantly look like you’ve been basking in the sun for weeks, not just days.
  1. Amp Up Your Smile – A bright white smile instantly adds wattage to your look and brings out the glow you worked so hard for all weekend. Show your teeth some love with  Luster Premium White Smile Illuminator, a foolproof whitening system that polishes, boosts, and revamps teeth. A foolproof solution, the electrifying blue toothpaste contains Bluverite®, a proprietary technology that leaves behind blue micro-particles causing an optical whitening effect on teeth—Perfect for selfies and taking perfect pics with friends!
  1. Brighten Your Lip Color – Lip gloss colors like coral and pink have proven to give your face that extra boost it needs to look like you’ve just stepped off the beach long after the weekend is over.
  1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! – There's no better way to hang on to sexy summer skin than by slathering on the lotion. Post-Memorial Day Weekend you should upgrade to a body butter and moisturize every day. Any product that will keep your skin fully hydrated is bound to give you back your post-beach glow!
  1. Cheat –  Finally, a sure-fire way to keep that tan you worked for all weekend long is by using a tan enhancing product. Whether it’s with bronzer or moisturizer with a hint of self-tanner, the safe, gorgeous tan effect will be the same and no one will question if it’s from the sun at the beach or the bottle in your bathroom!
*NEW* Smile Illuminator Instant Whitening Kit ($17.99)
The new easy-to-use system that polishes, boosts, and revamps teeth to re-energize smiles with zero tooth sensitivity. The Smile Illuminator offers instant results after one use and long-lasting whitening when incorporated into a daily beauty regimen.
Best for—Quick fix whitening with instant and long lasting results. 

 The Smile Illuminator Instant Whitening Kit can be purchased  here: 

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