Review: Frazoni Digital BBQ and Cooking Thermometer

Frazoni Digital BBQ Thermometer

It is important to have a cooking thermometer when cooking meat. Cooking meat to the right temperature is vitally important so that you know whether or not you have cooked out bacteria, mold, viruses, etc. Also, you know if a steak has reached the right temperature: medium, well, etc. I like to know that my food is cooked well through. The Frazoni BBQ and Cooking Thermometer is a great tool as it is a battery operated digital temp that shows you the current temperature of the meat being cooked in Celsius and Fahrenheit, the time and it also has a timer. It has a long enough cord that reaches around so that you can keep the thermometer far away enough from the meat and keep an eye on it. I think it is a great tool for cooking all types of meat. It comes with a guide that shows you what temps are needed for each type of meat.

It sells on Amazon for $14.95:

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