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Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: Live Infinitely Forever Cool Cooling Towel

Live Infintitely Forever Cool Cooling Towel

Do you feel overheated during your workout or during yoga? I have something in mind that will help you out. the Live Infinitely Forever Cool Cooling Towel will keep you cool in these situations. It instantly cools your body down and wicks away sweat effortlessly. It is an innovative new product by Live Infinitely. The Yoga Towel instantly lowers the temperature of the skin. Quickly feel the dramatic difference as it cools you off. It will end up being the only thing you reach for when you need to cool down. It also helps with migraines, doing yard work, or just about anything where you need to cool off! When wet the towel’s advanced cooling fabric activates and cools to around 30° below average body temperature and stays that way for up to 4 hours. Easily carry or store it in the hygienic plastic carrying container. It also has an anti-bacterial treatment to reduce odors, prevent mildew-mold. It is made with environmental-friendly PVA material and 100% non-toxic material. The highly absorbent material absorbs water and wicks away sweat leaving you refreshed and cooled off. Forever Cool cooling towel is built to cool your body during rigorous sporting activities, in times of intense heat or for simply chilling out. Increase your performance and last longer with this flexible and durable towel. Perfect use as a Golf Towel, Yoga Towel, Workout Towel, Fitness Towel, Exercise Towel, Travel Towel or Everyday Towel.

I love this towel. It works great.and I cannot think of anything negative to say about it, It sells on Amazon for $15.95: http://amzn.to/1I9w2RB.

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  1. Consequently, enabling a lot more solidity and safety within your yoga practice. microfiber yoga towel


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