Review: Thermo Science Belt and Giveaway

thermoscience beltthermo science belt

The Thermo Science Belt is supposedly supposed to help back pain and is supposed to help you lose weight. It provides lumbar support for those that have back pain. Let me tell you this. It will only work for those that have very mild back pain, I have severe back pain and it did nothing for mine. It is also scientifically engineered to retain body heat and use thermogenic properties to destroy body fat. Both men and women can use the belt under clothing for everyday use. Does it work? I don’t think so only account. It is supposed to use your own body heat to melt fat. Well for me that did not work. And it only helps to lose abdominal body fat.

It retails for $12.99 on

The company is giving away one of the belts though, so you can try one for yourself. Enter below and see if you would like to give it a go.

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