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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Eyeshadow Palette with a 12 Brush Set

Given in exchange for an honest review. I like this eyeshadow palette. It comes with 14 large eyeshadow a in various shades, ranging from light pinks to pretty Blues. It also comes with a nice brush roll and 12 makeup brushes. The brushes are of decent quality. They are not the best I have ever used but they are ok. The eyeshadows are pretty pigmented and go on smoothly. I was surprised they went in so well. I like that they do not have a lot of fall out, considering the type of eyeshadows they are. These are baked eyeshadows, which means they were once liquid and were baked into the molds and then let to dry. The colors are all very pretty too. Not all in all a bad set. sold on Amazon for $19.50: http://amzn.to/1N1ZLPm

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