Natrol Fast Dissolve Melatonin #sleepytime

fast dissolve melatonin 1 mg

Natrol Fast Dissolve Melatonin is a drug free sleep aid derived from a hormone that your body naturally produces. It helps to establish natural, normal sleep patterns. It is vitally important that you get a good night’s sleep to help function normally during the day. Sleep helps to reduce depression, anxiety, etc. Help combat sleeplessness with Natrol Melatonin. This is a 1 mg formula that dissolves quickly. It is safe to take up to 10 mg OTC (over the counter). I normally take 3 mg. This one is 30 times faster than normal tablets because they dissolve faster, thus you get to sleep faster. It is 100% drug free, non habit forming and made in the USA. Great tasting too!

It is available from for $5.49 for a bottle of 90 tablets: