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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Raw Dark Cocoa Powder

This is a particularly fine Cocoa Powder. It is organic for one. Second, it is dark cocoa powder, which means it tastes heavenly. I made truffles with this, using cream and regular chocolate then dusting them in this lovely cocoa powder. OMG! So good! This cocoa powder also makes lovely hot chocolate too.

 It is made from the very best cacao beans that can be found. Of the 3 existing variations of cacao, the Criollo, the Forastero and a hybrid of the two, the Trinitario it is the Criollo, that is the rarest and richest variety. When the Criollo is also "Arriba" (high altitude grown) than it is hailed as the 'emperor of Cacao beans" -for its unique flavor and delicate aroma, honoring the true essence of good rich dark chocolate. Unlike more commonly found , cheaper commercial cocoa products often derived from the Forastero variety for its abundance and convenience, whereas this cacao is only sourced from the highest quality beans from Arriba Criollo pods.
Characterized by a unique flavor profile, with notes of vanilla and hints of caramel a complete lack of the bitterness commonly associated with Forastero and Trinitario. This delicious super food will transform smoothies, desserts and other treats. The raw organic cocoa powder is unique, creamy and smooth, full of rich chocolate flavor. It has no bitter taste or gritty mouth feel. Retaining all its purity, the cocoa is non-GMO project verified, gluten free and vegan friendly. It is especially good for desserts though! It sells on Amazon.com for $17.99 (http://amzn.to/1iIeS3r). 

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