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Monday, September 7, 2015

Review: LANEIGE Water Bank Series Skincare #LANEIGE #skincare #waterbankseries

(product photos courtesy of www.target.com)
LANEIGE Skincare is a brand from Korea that that is extremely popular. I was lucky enough to get try out the Water Bank Series skincare line and I am bringing you my review. The Water Bank Series skincare is for all skin types but is really great for normal to dry skins. The Water Bank Gel Cream is for normal to combination skin. The line really helps to hydrate and moisturize skin. Skin that really needs moisture is left feeling soft, radiant and supple. LANEIGE has a great series of products for all skin types and all needs. Moisture is needed when skin is dry, lacking the ability to hold moisture because it does not produce enough sebum. Hydration is needed when skin is dehydrated, it cannot hold onto water. This is the essential but important difference in moisturization versus hydration. The Water Bank Series does both. It provides moisture and hydration to the skin.  

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask 2.7 fl.oz./80 mL $23.00
LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask
This mask is a thick gel, soothing, hydrating mask that is applied at night before sleeping to hydrate dry, dehydrated skin. It is great for all skin types. LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask is an overnight revitalizing gel mask that is infused with Orange Flower, Rose and Sandalwood. It also has brightening anti-oxidant Hunza Apricot Extract. Chestnut Extract acts to retexturize skin. These ingredients are just a few of the many ingredients in this overnight wonder mask that help skin re-hydrate, become softer and soothe the skin. Dry, dehydrated skin does not stand a change with this mask, it instantly softens and moisturizes the skin. You wake up with skin that is definitely different. The mask contains SleepscentTM, a combination of aromatic relaxing ingredients to help with sleep.

How to use: Apply to clean, toned skin. Apply evenly across face. After product is absorbed, leave treatment on overnight and rinse off in the morning. Use once or twice a week in place of regular skincare routine. 

I used this product many, many times. I applied this only, using no other skincare products. I found that this is an excellent product to use for a nighttime mask. I love how it makes my skin feel. It adds intense hydration, taking my dry skin and making it feel extremely soft and it soothes at the same time. This mask is a winner, hands down. The ingredients in this mask make it a winner. It has many ingredients that are great for softening, hydrating and soothing the skin. I love using it once a week instead of my regular skincare routine. I look forward to a night off and using the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask. 

LANEIGE Water Bank Serum 2 fl.oz./ 60 mL $ 35.00
LANEIGE Water Bank SerumThis 24 hour serum helps to optimize skin’s moisture level for smoother, rehydrated skin. Optimal Mineral Water and BiogenTM  and 6 moisture-maximizing nutrients deliver moisture deep into the skin’s layers. Chestnut and seaweed extracts promote cell turnover and retexturize skin. Using this serum helps skin to look more supple and silkier. It is best for skin that is dry but can be used by all skin types. Use morning or evening for best results. Because it supplies moisture for 24 hours it only needs to be applied once per day. To apply, gently spread from center of the face outward, press palms into face for better absorption. 

I love this serum because it is so light and sinks right into skin. Skin is immediately left feeling so soft, silky and downright hydrated beyond belief. I have never felt my skin feel so good so fast. Trust me when I say you will love this. And it works great with the Water Bank Gel Cream and the Water Bank Moisture Cream. 

LANEIGE Water Bank Gel Cream 1.6 fl.oz./50 mL $32.49
LANEIGE Water Bank Gel Cream
This product, made for normal to combination skin, immerses skin in moisture for up to 24 hours. It is infused with Optimal Mineral Water, BiogenTM, aloe and centaury extracts. This cooling, non-oily gel-cream replenishes skin’s moisture reserves, locking in hydration. It is ultra-light, silky in texture and makes the perfect choice for warm climates and oilier skins. It absorbs instantly into skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. This gel strengthens skin’s moisture barrier, circulates and retains moisture all day and protects and soothes skin. Use morning or evening, but if used in morning then apply sunscreen afterwards. To apply, gently spread from center of the face outward.

I loved using this gel most of this summer, as my skin was a little bit oilier in texture. It really helped to hydrate it. I love that it sinks into skin immediately and leaves skin feeling soft and supple, moisturized but not oily at all. You will love how skin feels with this gel-cream. It is really great for normal, combination and even oily skin.

LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream 1.6 fl.oz./ 50 mL $32.00LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream
This cream is an award winner. The Huffington Post voted it Best In Beauty for 2014. It helps to strengthen and prolong skin’s moisture all day long. Optimal Mineral Water and BiogenTM restore and retain ideal hydration levels. Nourishing mango butter extract repairs skin’s natural moisture barrier, helping to prevent moisture loss. It is a cream that is richly texturized and instantly absorbed, leaving skin smooth and supple. This luxurious cream relieves dryness instantly for the smoothest, most supple skin imaginable. This cream also delivers 6 moisture-maximizing minerals deep into the skin. It circulates and retains moisture all day long. It is best for dry skins but can be used by normal skin too. To apply, gently spread from center of the face outward. Use once a day for best results. 

This is a very rich cream but yet it absorbs instantly into the skin, which is amazing. And it leaves skin feeling so soft, supple and moisturized. Skin is hydrated for 24 hours. Skin is left feeling moisturized and hydrated. 

LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel 0.8 fl.oz./25 mL $35.00
LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel
Eyes need moisture too, especially as we age. Eye hydration reaches new heights with BiogenTM  Technology. The superior technology for accelerated hydration is now in a singularly superior eye wakener. Miniscule particles of particles of Hydro Ionized Mineral Water deeply penetrate the gentle eye area. This prevents dryness and protects from external aggressors. In tandem with quinoa extract, olive oil and moisture balancing Tillandsia, eyes become fresher, more radiant. It revitalizes the eye area with 6 ionized minerals. It penetrates, protects, smoothes and hydrates. This gel is great for all skin types and does not irritate the eye area.
I adore this eye gel, mainly because it makes my eyes feel so awake, soft and it gets rid of puffiness and very fine lines. When used once daily, eyes look better almost immediately. LOVE this!
The LANEIGE Water Bank Series of products is available online at www.target.com. Like LANEIGE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Laneige.USA?fref=ts; Follow LANEIGE on Twitter: @LANEIGEUS; Follow LANEIGE on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/laneigeus/; and Subscribe to LANEIGE on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LaneigeUS
Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie
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  1. I love the sleeping mask and I have tried a few other hydration masks and this is by far my favourite as it is super moisturizing but yet not "sticky" as I can't stand sleeping mask being too rich and I am a side sleeper and don't want my pillowcase to get all the benefits instead of my face. Want to try the serum as well.

    1. I love the whole line. Very nice. It leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and well hydrated.


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