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Q'urNail Superior NailCare
Q’urNail is a new generation of nail care. This product is made from a proprietary blend of cutting edge nanotechnology. It comes with a convenient dropper applicator to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination. This reduces the devastating effects caused by nail fungus and it improves the appearance of the affected area and surrounding skin. It also nourishes the nails. Useful for nails, cuticles and skin where fungus and other irritations can occur. It is composed of Nano-Complexes, Anti-oxidants, Bioflavinoids, Bacto-Stat-V5 and a CDP Delivery System. 

The Q’urNail formula contains 6 antimicrobial ingredients and 5 anti-oxidants that works in 2 simple steps:
  • to eliminate and prevent nail fungus.
  • to purify and heal the nails and adjacent skin area

Directions: Clean affected area, dry it completely. Apply Q’urNail once or twice a day. Allow 4-5 minutes for penetration. Then avoid direct contact with water to allow the product time to work. 

Q’urNail retails for $10.50 and is available online at See my review of the Q’urSkin Superior Multipurpose Personal Skincare Spray (, which works to heal inflamed and irritated skin. 

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