Amara Skin Balancing Facial Toner

Received in exchange for an honest review. Amara Skin Balancing Facial Toner is gentle yet effective on skin. It is 100% natural. The toner has ingredients like glycolic acid to exfoliate dead skin; witch hazel to remove excess oil and help with pores; Vitamin C to brighten the skin, smooth skin texture and to tone the skin, aloe Vera soothes, tones and hydrates the skin and neroli heals and removes impurities. The toner feels very refreshing on the skin, it helps to get rid of leftover makeup, impurities on the skin and it balances out the skin's pH level after cleansing. I use it after the Amara Vitamin C Cleanser. This toner is useful for all skin types, even acneic skins. It sells on for $17.95: