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Friday, October 9, 2015

Review: Neocell Alpha Cell Exfoliator, Step ll #Neocell #AlphaCellExfoliator #AHA

(product photo courtesy of www.iherb.com)

Neocell Alpha Cell Exfoliator Step II, 4 fl. oz./118ml

NeoCell Alpha Cell Exfoliator
This exfoliant has natural fruit acids that help get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. What is revealed is fresh, new, younger looking skin. It helps to smooth away lines, evens skin tone and revives skin so that it has a youthful radiance. This exfoliant contains glycolic acid, sugar cane extract, citrus extract, apple extract, kola extract and also green tea extract for an anti-oxidant effect. Use after cleansing skin. Apply with a cotton ball over clean, dry skin. Do not apply around the eye area to avoid contact with eyes. 

For me this was very gentle, but I am used to products with a high amount of acid in them. I can handle something like this easily. If you are not used to products with alpha hydroxy acids in it, start off with something like this and work up to something stronger. This is just about the perfect exfoliant as it helps to take away the dead skin cells all while leaving skin feeling soft, supple and toned. It also leaves skin feeling radiant. Use daily, twice a day if you are used to products with AHA’s in them or once a day if you are not. 

You will find that your skin looks much better after using this, It will appear clearer, brighter and will be softer and smoother. all around. AHA’s help to loosen up dead skin cells and  then removes them, so that new fresh skin cells shine through, The fresh new cells normally take about 30 days to get to the top of the epidermis but when the old dead skin cells are removed these skin cells are brought to the surface earlier. I like this product a lot and believe it will be great for all skin types, eve acneic skins. It will work especially well with dry and acneic skin types. Dry skins tend to hold onto dead sin cells. Acneic skins need to rid their pores of dead skin cells to that their pimples can be reduced and oily skins will also benefit form this as it will cut down on sebum production. 

Neocell Alpha Cell Exfoliator retails for $5.73 and can be purchased online at www.iherb.com. for a 4 fl.oz./118 mL bottle. Like Neocell on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NeoCellCollagen; Follow Neocell on Twitter: @NeoCellHealth; Follow Neocell on Instagram: http://instagram.com/neocell/; Subscribe to Neocell on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/neocellcorp?feature=CAQQwRs%3D and Follow Neocell on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/neocell/.

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