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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos #GoddessGlitz #TemporaryTattoos

goddess glitz temporary tattoos

Right now metallic temporary tattoos are hot. And not just for the summer months. They are still hot for fall and can be worn all year long, especially in warmer climates. Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos makes some of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. Theirs are based on the ancient Greek Goddesses. That makes me very happy, as I have always been a fan of the ancient Greek myths and my husband is Greek. I speak Greek and have been to Greece many times. One of their lines has the name of my mother-in-law too (Eirene)! The tattoos themselves are very pretty, easy to apply and last longer than other ones I have tried. Below you will find the entire line and photos of ones that I have tried on.

ATHENA: Goddess of Heroic Endeavor

The collection has an Earthy & Edgy Vibe.
AthenaAthena Goddess Glitz Temporary TattoosAthena Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos2Athena Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos3

EIRENE: Goddess of Peach and Diplomacy

The collection is a mixture of Tribal & Ethnic Exotic Jewelry.
EireneEirene Goddess Glitz Temporary TattoosEirene Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos2Eirene Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos3

GAIA: Primal Divinity/Powerful

The Collection is Sophisticated High Fashion & Luxurious.
GaiaGaia Goddess Glitz Temporary TattoosGaia Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos2Gaia Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos3

INANNA: Goddess of Love

The collection is Bombshellish, Beachy & Coachllea Girl designs.
InannaInanna Goddess Glitz Temporary TattoosInanna Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos2Inanna Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos3

JUNO: The youthful maiden Goddess (20% of profits donated to Best Friends Animal Rescue)
The collection is Sporty & Active on the Go with emphasis on dog rescue.
JunoJuno Goddess Glitz Temporary TattoosJuno Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos2Juno Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos3

PERSEPHONIE: Queen of the Underworld

The collection has is Spicy Latina Designs.
PersesphoniePersephonie Goddess Glitz Temporary TattoosPersephonie Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos2Persephonie Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos3

Here are two of the tattoos on my arms (yes, they are very freckly, that is sun damage):

wearing Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos_2wearing Goddess Glitz temporary tattoo

Goddess Glitz Temporary Tattoos are available via http://shop.infinitysun.com/ and retail for $25/pack, which includes three sheets.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

(These items were sent for consideration)

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