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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Review: LipSense Liquid Lip Color #LipSense #lipcolor #SeneGence #Ooops #MoisturizingGloss

(product photos courtesy of www.senegence.com)

LipSense Lip GlossGlam Red gloss lips.

I recently tried out LipSense Liquid Lip Color by Senegence. The color I tried is Pink Champagne. It is a light warm pink shade. The color is so very pretty. LipSense comes in a huge variety of shades and textures: mattes, sheers, frosts and sparkles. It comes in 77 shades. They can be mixed and matched to make new shades and can be used to create new effects. LipSense is usually sold as a set: the set includes LipSense Liquid Lip Color, a LipSense Moisturizing Gloss and an Ooops! Remover. The remover needs to be included in case some of the product needs to be removed after it has dried down.
What is so unique about LipSense? Well first of all it is completely waterproof and does not smear off, rub off, nor does it kiss off. It does not dry out lips either. What is so great about LipSense is that it actually restores moisture content to the lips when used properly. It lasts anywhere between 4-18 hours. It is a non-wax based liquid lip color that stays on the lips and it also provides a natural shield from the sun. The proprietary formula and color pigments in LipSense help to create a mechanical covering for the lips, meaning that the lips are protected from the sun’s rays by the color pigments. This is why with continual use lips become softer and smoother. LipSense has a precise application technique that helps it stay on so long. When applied correctly, LipSense will stay on for up to 18 hours.
LipSense should be applied in three layers:
  • 1st layer - touches the skin's pH and will begin to break down first and fastest.
  • 2nd layer - protected from the bottom, away from the skin's pH, by the first layer.
  • 3rd layer - protects the second layer from the top down and prevents sheering of second layer of color by keeping away friction, saliva, and the natural environment.

The third layer breaks down just like the first layer, but from the top down. The second layer is sandwiched between the first and third and is protected by both for the longest period of use. Use of these three layers is recommended for the best staying power.
The LipSense applicator connected to the lid of the LipSense cap of the tube has three features for application:
  • Tip – Pointed tip to apply the product as a lip liner
  • Longest Side – Used to apply product to full lips
  • Shorter Side – Used to apply product to thin lips.

To get the best results, apply LipSense to clean, dry lips. For a defined, finished look, use LinerSense before applying LipSense. The product (LipSense) must be shaken horizontally prior to application in order to mix up the pigments. To get the layering technique down, place color onto the wand and begin application at the corner of the mouth using the longest length of the applicator. Keep lips apart and follow the natural shape of the lips starting at the outer corner of the mouth. With one continuous stroke, apply one layer of color from one corner to the other corner of the bottom lip. Then one layer of color to the top lip. Apply the color, moving the applicator in one continuous direction versus going back and forth like is done with lipstick. Each layer needs to set for a few seconds before proceeding with the next layer. It is not recommended to apply more than three layers of color. When you have finished with the third layer and the color has set, apply one layer of one of the LipSense Moisturizing Glosses over the final layer. Do not press lips together until the moisturizing gloss has been applied onto the last layer of lip color. After applying the gloss press lips together to smooth in the moisture rich gloss and enjoy the beautiful, glamorous look and feel of this long-lasting, advanced color technology! To remove the LipSense Liquid Lip Color, use Ooops! Color Remover or liquid Fooops SenseCosmetics Color Remover.

This does seem like a lot of work for lip color, but I will say this: it stays on. And on. I even tried it out while eating oily food and it stayed on. I was pleasantly surprised. This color does not come off for just about anything. It is definitely a waterproof, foodproof, foolproof lip color. I don’t find it hard to put on the three layers at all. It sounds daunting but it is really not. You just make sure you start at the outer corner and in one stroke make it to the other corner. There is always enough product on the applicator to do this. I find that I don’t need a lip liner at all either. So I tried out the LipSense as a lip liner and it worked quite well. Then I applied the three layers and a LipSense Clear Moisturizing Gloss that came with it. The color looked gorgeous on. Pink Champagne is a beautiful color. 

wearing LipSense in Pink Champagne_1wearing LipSense in Pink Champagne_3wearing LipSense in Pink Champagne_2

(above: wearing LipSense in Pink Champagne)

LipSense by SeneGence retails for $25.00 and can be purchased online at www.senegence.com. Like SeneGence on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SeneGence; Follow SeneGence on Twitter: @SeneGence_Intl; Subscribe to SeneGence on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SenegenceMedia; and Follow SeneGence on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/SeneGence_Intl/
Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie
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