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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: RevivSerums TelomErase Serum #RevivSerums #TelomErase #skincare

Reviv Serum TelomErase Serum
RevivSerums, a skincare company located in beautiful San Francisco California, specializes in novel and innovative clinical treatment serums. Their unique formulations are next-generation, high-performance and leading-edge. They have found that the vast majority of current popular physician-office products, while somewhat effective, are no longer leading edge. And the majority of them contain ingredients that really aren't that expensive to acquire, compared to their retail price. So RevivSerums was born. They provide products equivalent to famous physician-office brands so it's easy to compare. . . They have also developed some novel products with breakthrough ingredients and astounding results, such as their now infamous RevivHair™ and RevivLash™ Stimulating Serums. Products with new cosmetic chemistry provided at a competitive price.

TelomErase Serum, Triple Telomere Targeting 6-in1 Multi Corrective, is next generation age-defying technology. It is a 6-in-1 multi corrective serum that erases, tightens, brightens, blurs, moisturizes and regenerates. The serum contains the most powerful combination of new ingredients that visibly reduce the appearance of sagging skin, bags around the eyes, dark circles, fine lines, dark spots from the sun, redness, pore size and skin laxity.

A conference by Nobel laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn at the recent American Academy of Dermatology underlined a clear correlation between telomere length and integrity with overall health and skin condition. Protecting telomeres is a valid strategy to maintain healthy skin. A study from Harvard Medical School showed that telomere shortening is a root cause of cellular aging. An enzyme, telomerase, has been shown to slow or even reverse telomere shortening that occurs as we age. Telomerase declines as we get older. The development of a sensitive and efficient telomerase activity detection method has only recently made it possible to quantitate telomerase activity.

TelomErase Serum is the first product of its kind with three proven age-erasing telomere targeters: Cycloastragenol + Renovage® + Telosomyl®. It is the latest in cosmetic chemistry spotlighting telomere stabilization. Cycloastrageno is a novel molecule isolated from the astragalus membranaceous root. It has been shown to reverse visible signs of aging. Telosomyl®. is isolated from red algae and it improves skin roughness and volume. Renovage® reduces hyperpigmentation, helps improve skin firmness, improve skin moisturization and improves pore size. Other key ingredients are as just as important. Pepha®-Tight is a unique natural tightening and firming active ingredient that delivers both a fast, instant tightening experience, and a superior long term skin firming effect. It comes from the microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata combined with a well-balanced fraction of polysaccharides. The tightening effect lasts for at least 4 hours, with long-term firming effects and it stimulates the formation of collagen in the skin. Eyeseryl® is a tetrapeptide that helps with puffiness under the eyes and it helps to decrease dark circles. Regu®-Age is made from specially purified soy and rice peptides and yeast-derived superoxide dismutase. It has been shown to reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness. It strengthens connective tissue, reduces inflammation and prevents UV damage to the skin. aFGF is a growth factor that helps to produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the skin. SymSitiveTM 1609 helps to make skin less sensitive, preventing stinging, burning & tingling. Nano-Lipobelle™ DN CoQ10 is a potent moisturizer that becomes a Vitamin C esther. It is a whitening agent and powerful anti-oxidant. It does not irritate or exfoliate the skin. Astaxanthin is a strong anti-oxidant that targets free radicals and thus UV induced skin damage, wrinkles & hyperpigmentation.

The best way to use this serum is to apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin. Apply to face, eyes, neck, chest and hands. Use twice daily for two to three months. Then use three times a week after that for maintenance. A slight tingling sensation upon application may occur and is normal. This serum is suitable for the upper eyelid area if tolerated, but avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Decrease frequency or discontinue use if irritation develops.

I tried a sample of the TelomErase Serum, Triple Telomere Targeting 6-in-1 Multi-Corrective. I was able to use it for about 2 weeks. Normally I am able to use a product for about a month before I am able to give you a review. I will say that in this 2 week period I did notice a small but definitely noticeable difference in my skin. I used this serum all over the face, even around the eye area. It is the type of serum that can be used all over the face and does treat almost all signs of aging. I have minimal signs of aging: hyperpigmentation from sun damage, a couple of fine lines starting to show (around the mouth and brow furrows), a small amount of a little bit of laxity in the skin and dark circles around my eyes. This serum, in 2 weeks, did start to help with ease these signs of damage. My hyperpigmentation faded somewhat, the fine lines I mentioned decreased, my skin felt firmer and the dark circles under my eyes lightened.

RevivSerums found that in a 30-day, 22-person consumer study of TelomErase Serum, 90% of consumers tested noticed a reduction in the appearance of laxity in their skin and skin roughness. 88% found that the area around the eye appeared improved. 74% saw a reduction in the appearance of redness and large pores. 90% found that it made their skin softer and smoother. 

TelomErase Serum retails for $149.00. It can be purchased online at www.revivserums.com. Like RevivSerums on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RevivSerums; Follow RevivSerums on Twitter: @RevivSerums; Follow RevivSerums on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/revivserums/ and Follow RevivSerums on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/revivserums.

Three lucky winners will each receive a full-sized package of new TelomErase Serum, a $299 product with a current introductory sale price of $149. Entrants are limited to readers and followers who are located in the located in the United States or Canada (except Quebec).


Readers get a 10% off discount on TelomErase Serum, this code is good through December 31, 2015. The code to use at checkout is: TIGHT10

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