Panda Planner

I was very excited to get this planner. I have been needing something to help organize my life. I should have read more about it though because there is one huge drawback about this planner that makes it very different than other planners. It does NOT have any dates! You have to write in the dates yourself. It's a good thing that this was provided to me at a great discount for promotional purposes because I would never have paid full price for this. I want dates in my planner!!!! I don't like this very much as it makes the planner a pain in the but to organize and it looks sloppy to write in all the dates. I don't have the best handwriting anymore because of nerve damage from a car accident. So I feel as if this is a drawback for me. Also, this planner is very motivational in nature, which is good but is a little annoying at times. It sells on for $24.97: