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Friday, January 22, 2016

Review:Sea Active Aesthetics C Rescue Pigment Relief Serum and SkinGuardian #SeaActives #CRescuePigmentReliefSerum #SkinGuardian

(product photos courtesy of www.seaactiveskincare.com)
Sea Actives Skincare was born out of the need for skincare that was more natural, from nature and derived from non chemical sources. The owner, Vincene Parrinello, had undergone treatment for cancer, ulcerative colitis and other health conditions, wanted skincare that was not chemically based. So she decided to create a line that she felt more comfortable with using. Her line is based on skincare from the sea. Sea Actives is a line that combines powerful natural actives with proven science.
Skin Guardian $59.50 (1 fl.oz./20 mL)

This is a protective daytime moisturizer that offers benefits from their proprietary Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth that contains Hawaiian seaweeds which have UV properties. Skin fortifying Atlantic kelp seaweed, Polynesian seaweed, which is rich in Fucoidan, helps to guard and protect the skin from free radicals. Their new trade secret SEA-12 Solarphotospheres™,  along with Zinc and Titanium Dioxide UV are mineral suncreens in this product. This new formula is a weapon against skin assault. The non-comedogenic formula is a lightweight one tolerated by most skin types. Minerals, enzymes, peptides, catechins, polyphenols, pycnogenol, seaweed based calcium, and niacin provide the skin with excellent epidermal wellness benefits that impart a healthier, smoother skin appearances. The product has been nicknamed “Yoga In A Bottle For Your Skin.” 

Apply 1-2 pumps of Skin Guardian to face and neck in the am. Reapply after swimming, exercising or after excessive sun expsosure. Although this product does not have an SPF assay test done, there was testing done to see how long it took for the skin to turn red in the sun after this was applied on the skin, as directed. For fair skin people, they were able to remain in the sun for 20 minutes before turning red. Average complexions were able to be in the sun for 30-40 minutes before turning red. Use an SPF mineral sunscreen over this for total sun protection, or a good mineral SPF 20 foundation like the Sea Active™ Mineral Powder. This product was not put into assay testing, because they did not want to add any chemical sunscreen ingredients to this wonderful formula. Instead no sunscreen claims are made, but they do know from their research, that there are sun protective properties from the ingredients in this formula that impressed the 55 people that were studied over a 30 day period that used this product every day. When they reapplied it as directed, all 55 participants said they did not experience any skin redness from the mild sun exposure. 40 women who did spend time outdoors applied an SPF 15 mineral sunscreen powder makeup over this moisturizer and reported no redness at all after being outdoors or more than 8 hours.

C Rescue Pigment Relief Serum $110.00 (1 fl.oz./30 mL)

This product has a proprietary formula with trade secret algae complex rich in Vitamin C that encourages cell regeneration along with Mitosine from brown seaweed algae to diminish the appearance of photo damage and pigmentation. Lightoceane, a French ingredient that is an extract from brown seaweed is said to down regulate skin pigmentation. Apply one pump of this product onto clean skin before any other serums or moisturizers. 97% of women studied said that over a 30 day period they reported a dramatically smoother skin is a couple of weeks and pigmentation caused by sun damage looked significantly looked better 2 weeks into treatment and even better at 4 weeks of treatment. 99% of the women did not want to stop using the serum at the end of the 30 day study because they had such great results and the impact on their complexion was so good. 

I really liked both of these products. The pigment relief serum was great at helping out with hyperpigmentation. It did give me some relief of my pigment issues. I liked the Skin Guardian, but I do prefer to know for sure how much of a SPF I am putting onto my skin. I need at least a 30 Broad Spectrum. I do like that this product uses mineral sunscreens. 

These products are available from www.seaactiveskincare.com

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Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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