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Shampoo is the way we clean our hair. And we don’t usually think of using shampoo to help grow our hair. But, with the right ingredients, shampoo can be used to help do a number of things, one of which IS to help grow our hair. Shampoo helps to rid our hair of dirt, debris, oils and it helps to clean out the product build up that we get in our hair. One product I tried recently,is called Nourish Beaute’s Vitamins Shampoo. This shampoo is a little bit different than most shampoos. It actually does something in the process of shampooing. Vitamins Shampoo helps hair growth. 

Vitamins Shampoo has several patented ingredients that work in several ways. First, one of them increases micro-circulation to the roots so that it delivers oxygen and nutrients where hair growth begins. It also encourages hair into the Anagen Phase, which is the growth phase for the hair cycle. This increases hair growth by 121% in clinical trials. Vitamins Shampoo blocks DHT, the hormone derivative that binds to receptors in hair follicles and shrinks them, making it difficult for healthy hair to survive. This shampoo cleans away sebum, preventing fungal infections that can kill hair roots. It also thickens the root sheath (by a whopping 58% in clinical trials) to provide optimum follicle anchoring, which means you get to keep more of the hair you have. Finally, this is the most important thing about Vitamins Shampoo. It requires several months to achieve maximum results. They recommend UNINTERRUPTED USE of this product for several months. Because the product is so popular, stock runs out and it is recommended to purchase two bottles at a time. Results can diminish or reverse with discontinued use. 

This shampoo contains Biotin (known to grow hair, I take this in vitamin form and it really grows hair. No kidding), castor oil, coconut oil and something called Procapil TM. Now, I only used this product for a few weeks, so I cannot report only how well it grew hair or not. But I can say that it is a nice shampoo. It lathers well and cleans well too. There is also a conditioner, I would consider purchasing both the shampoo and conditioner together if your hair is dry or processed. 

One bottle of Vitamins Shampoo runs $37.50. It is recommended to purchase more than one bottle at a time because it often sells out. Two bottles are $59.95 and three bottles are $87.50. The conditioner is $18.95 per bottle. There is also a Vitamin supplement for $37.50, which contains biotin, green tea and grape seed. I am telling you, biotin grows hair. It definitely works. Nourish Beaute has a good number of hair growth products that contain ingredients known to grow hair. I would definitely recommend the shampoo.

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  1. My Hair is so Loving this New
    Product I got in the mail.
    It is Called Nourish Beaute Vitamin
    Hair Growth Support Shampoo and
    Conditioner. Google it for more info.
    They sell it on Amazon.


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