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Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: NouriTress Perfect Hair Stimulating Scalp Shampoo & Perfect Hair Stop Shedding Protein Conditioner #NouriTress #Shampoo #Conditioner #HairTreatment #HairLoss #ItchyScalp #Dandruff

(product photos courtesy of www.nouritress.com)

NouriTress makes hair products for specific solutions. One of their products is for dry and itchy scalps, they also have a shampoo that removes DHT, which helps to improve hair growth and they have one that is completely sulfate free. And they also have products that are specifically sold at salons nationwide. Read on for my review of the two products I tried from their line.

NouriTress Perfect Hair Stimulating Scalp Shampoo 8 fl.oz./236 mL $13.95 

NouriTress Perfect Hair Stimulating Scalp Shampoo is perfect for all hair types. It is a treatment shampoo with a very unique therapeutic formula that is designed to deep cleanse the scalp and the hair. The formula is also designed to help increase blood circulation to the scalp, which helps increase and stimulate hair growth. The formula includes Tea Tree Oil to protect dry and itchy scalp problems that is normally associated with dandruff. it takes care of the scalp from the outside to insure an increase in hair growth. You will likely feel a tingle as your feel the formula working to rejuvenate the scalp. This shampoo also helps to prevent new dandruff from forming as it helps to treat dry and itchy scalp problems. It does contain menthol and camphor, which accounts for the tingle and nice “airy” feel as you are shampooing your hair. Camphor is a good ingredient to have in the shampoo as it is very healing to the skin. 

I don’t have a problem with itchy scalp or dandruff but my daughter does and she used this shampoo. She liked it very much. She found that it was on par or better than the drugstore brand that is very popular. It did leave her hair feeling better though, much softer and less itchy. It also got rid of the flakes better than the comparable drugstore brand. 

NouriTress Perfect Hair Stop Shedding Protein Conditioner 8 fl.oz./236 mL $13.95

Does your hair seem to be shedding, similar to that of an animal? Do you feel as if you are just losing too much more hair than normal? NouriTress Perfect Hair Stop Shedding Protein Conditioner is a great product for you then. It is normal for humans to lose about 70 hairs per day. As we lose hair our hair grows in too. Some people may lose more if they are stressed, ill or are taking medications that cause abnormal hair loss. What this product does is it seals the cuticle to immediately stop hair shedding. It also helps to reduces damage and breakage caused by chemicals. This is NOT a daily treatment. It should ONLY BE USED every 4-6 weeks. What it will do is to help stop shedding immediately and it seals and helps to repair the hair cuticle. 

To use this product: Apply the conditioner to the hair immediately after shampooing. Lather in and sit under the dryer for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly from the hair and then apply NouriTress Moisturizing Vitamin Conditioner to the hair and let it sit for 10 minutes. After applying Stop Shedding Protein Conditioner the hair will become hard. DO NOT comb the hair. Only rinse the hair and then apply the NouriTress Moisturizing Vitamin Conditioner or Stimulating Scalp Conditioner to soften the hair. If a hair steamer is available, give yourself a Steam Hydration Treatment after the Stop Shedding Protein Treatment
This kind of treatment is usually more of a salon treatment, but it can be used at home too. I tried it because I always feel like I am losing too much hair. There is red hair all over my bathroom and house it seems! So I tried it and I did not have the recommended conditioners so I tried it with one of my own conditioners. It worked out quite well and I did notice that I was not losing as much hair as I usually do. I only tried one treatment so far and it is still lasting even after 2 weeks. I am not sure if it will last 4-6 weeks but I am happy with the results I have so far. 
NouriTress products are available online at www.nouritress.com or at a store near you: http://www.nouritress.com/StoreLocator/index.php. Like NouriTress on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NouriTress-Perfect-Hair-Products/64345109868; Follow NouriTress on Twitter: @nouritress; Follow NouriTress on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/nouritress/; Follow NouriTress on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nouritress/ and Subscribe to NouriTress on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/nouritress
Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie
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