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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Review: Skinceuticals Pigment Correction System #Skinceuticals #hyperpigmentation

(product photos courtesy of www.skincetuicals.com)

Skinceuticals Pigment Correction System with C E Ferulic Combination Antioxidant Treatment  L-Ascorbic Acid, Alpha Tocopherol and Ferulic Acid & Advanced Pigment Corrector Daily Muti-Layer Tretment to Reduce Stubborn Discoloration and Prevent Reoccurrence. 

Advanced Pigment Corrector 1 fl.oz./30mL  $90.00
This is a daily multi-action treatment that reduces the appearance of skin discoloration that is stubborn and helps to make a more even skin tone. It is clinically proven and has been tested on all ethnicities to improve skin tone. Skin discoloration and uneven skin tone is often caused by accumulated sun exposure, hormones and the aging process. Advanced Pigment Corrector is a multi-action comprehensive technology that works to exfoliate skin to reduce the appearance of melanin in the skin. It fades the discolorations, promotes a more even skin tone, improves skin luminosity for skin radiance, is ideal for all skin types except the most sensitive, and is paraben-free and non-comedogenic. This product has been formulated with a breakthrough combination of high potency of 1% Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid and 0.5% Ellagic Acid. This powerful combination works to reduce the look of discolorations and improve the overall look and appearance of skin.


This product does contain ingredients that help to exfoliate the skin and lighten up hyperpigmentation. Used correctly it will significantly reduce the amount of pigmentation on the skin. Use 2x a day for best results.When used in the morning, follow up with a sunscreen to prevent any future hyperpigmentation.

I found that I obtained the best results with this product after 4 weeks of twice daily use. My skin did get a more even tone and it looked more radiant and luminous. I wold highly recommend this product to anyone seeking advanced hyperpigmentation care.  

C E Ferulic  1 fl.oz./30 mL $162.00
The C E Ferulic Serum is a daytime Vitamin C Serum that has combination of  15% pure Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), 1% Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) and 0.5% ferulic acid that work together to strengthen the skin's natural protection from free radicals that are induced by environmental stressors such as UVA/UVB rays, infrared radiation (IRA) and polllution. All of these things may lead to visisble signs of accelerated skin aging. In addition to the anti-oxidant protective benefits, C E Ferulic improves signs of aging and photodamage, the appearance of lines and wrinkles, the loss of firmness, while brightening the skin's complexion. It also provides advanced environmental protection by neutralizing damaging free radicals. An improvement in visible lines and wrinkles, regaining of firmness, and a brighter complexion are noticeable. Once applied, this serum stays effectibe for a minimum of 72 hours. It is paraben-free, ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. It has been tested for patients to use post laser, and it works well in that regimen.

The benefits of 15% L-ascorbic acid are that it is a very highly potent form of Vitamin C and it neutralizes damaging free radicals and protects against oxidative stress while providing visible anti-aging benefits. Alpha Tocopherol is a form of Vitamin E that neutralizes freee radicals and replenishes skin lipids. Ferulic Acid is a plant based anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radicals and enhances the anti-oxidant beneifts of Vitamins C and E.
SkinCeuticals research shows that specific combinations of anti-oxidants, when effectively formulated, perform synergistically to provide the most superior results to any single anti-oxidant formulation. C E Ferulic is a vitamin C serum formulated under the Duke Antioxidant patent and has been publishes in 6 peer reviewed journals. The Duke Antioxidant patent ensures effective delivery of Vitamin C to the skin. In order for a Vitamin C serum to be effective, it must be formulated with pure l-ascorbic acid (Vitmain C) at an acidic pH within the 2.0-3.5 pH range and have a concentration between 10-20%. SkinCeuticals is the only brand to formulate antioxidants according to these parameters. 
To use this serum, apply 4-5 drops on a dry face, neck and chest before other anti-aging skincare products. Complete the regimen with a sunscreen. When used together, SkinCeuticals anti-oxidants and broad spectrum sunscreens provide the most complete protection against visible aging caused by environmental aggressors.
This serum is a great anti-aging serum to use during the day. It really helps to prevent photoaging, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, loss of elastin and collagen. It has ingredients that attack free radicals, which are what cause all of those things. Use of this serum every day under a sunscreen can help prevent aging and keep skin looking younger looking for a good long time. It also helps to keep skin from having an uneven skin  tone. Hyperpigmentation with the 15% L-ascorbic acid is taken care of easily.
SkinCeuticals is available online at www.skinceuticals.com. Like SkinCeuticals on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkinCeuticals-207391868502/?brand_redir=1525941267635810; Follow SkinCeuticals on Twitter: @SkinCeuticals; Follow SkinCeuticals on Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/skinceuticals/; Follow SkinCeuticals on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinceuticals/; Follow SkinCeuticals on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+skinceuticals/posts and Subscribe to SkinCeuticals on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/skinceuticals.
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