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Recently I had the opportunity to try out a completely new kind of product.It is a perfume (Eau de Toilette) in a small container that resembles a throw away camera. The product is called SNAP Perfume.They have three fragrances for women and I tried two of them, SNAP 1 and SNAP 88. They have three fragrances for men. And, they make body spray deodorant in the scents they have. Read below to learn about SNAP fragrances.

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 SNAP /1 FOR HER resembles the fragrance of love when it is fresh and new. It is an enticing elixir that awakens the senses and releases the spirit of sheer joy. It is captivating. It is all about love and happiness and that is all that matters. It is a fragrance for her when she is in love. 

The key notes to this fragrance are zesty fruits and florals that remain constant throughout the scent. It is softened with a subtle top note of apple, peach,orange and plum. The heart of the scent is rose, gardenia, jasmine and orchid, combined with a base of white musk, that come together to create a high quality, lasting fragrance. The pyramid of the fragrance is such:

Top Note Releasing the spirit of joy
Tunisian Orange and Italian Mandarin infused with a sweet rich fruit zest.

Heart Note Sensual union
Parisian Rose, Gardenia, and Wild Orchid.

Base Note Warmth and power
Elegant White Musk and Hearty Cedarwood.

The bottle design captures the spirit of the fragrance with a variation of pink hues combined with a metallic luster and a white embossed SNAP logo. The splashes of color represent the fresh identity of the sweet fragrance.

SNAP also has a deodorant line that features the same scent as the EDT collection. The small effective body sprays come with a mist of perfectly blended fragrances that leave you with an unforgettable sensational lasting impression.

This fragrance is one of my favorites. It is light but has a beautiful floral finish. I love how long the scent lasts on me. It lasts for hours! The scents are not too heavy but they are so cute. I am interested in trying out the body sprays too.

 SNAP /88 FOR HER is a little bit different than the other one. It was created for a women who is enthusiastic and full of life. It is a scent that is exciting yet delicate, an arrangement of scents that is alluring, sweet and playful. 

This scent is vibrant and contains a combination of  citrus and floral to create the tender and mellow feeling constant throughout the scent. Balanced with a subtle top note of peach,melon, lemon and grapefruit. This fragrance's heart not of lily of the valley, gardenia, jasmine and orchid married with a base of white musk, Tonka and sandalwood come together to create a highly intriguing fragrance.

The pyramid of the fragrance is such:

Top Note Fresh citrus
Blood Orange, Sorrento Lemon and Japanese Ouzo

Heart Note Exotic floral nature
African Violet, Jasmine Essence, and Osmanthus

Base Note Lyrical combination
Brazilian Tonka, East Indian  Sandalwood and Hearty Cedarwood

The bottle design poses the harmonious union of the waves of delicate scents that are united within the bottle. There is a cascading a pattern of purple movement and emboldened silvery SNAP logo. 

The deodorant line features the same scent of the SNAP EDT collection.The small but effective body sprays mist perfectly blended fragrances that leave you with unforgettable sensational lasting impressions. 
This scent is heavier, more of an oriental, woodsy fragrance. I like it butr it is not as light and airy as SNAP/1 FOR HER. That one is still my favorite. This one is definitely harder to wear, as it can set off my migraines.

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