Review: Lotus Knot Rose Water

Lotus Knot Rose Water is captivating. The smell is divine. I love using it on my skin as a toner instead of other products. It works great to bring the pH level of the skin back to a 5.5 faster than any other product I've used recently. I like that it is gentle on the skin. My skin feels very soft after using it, it leaves my skin feeling very supple. 

The rose water comes from Damask roses, which are the most expensive and rarest roses in the world. The oil is expensive and is hard to come by. Damask rose oil can do the following: lift excess oil from the skin, unblock and tighten pores, soften and replenish moisture, balance skin's pH level, soothe irritated skin, reduce redness and even skin tone and add shine to hair. 

It can be purchased from for $16.40: