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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review: Erno Laszlo Bespoke Skincare #ErnoLaszlo #skincare

(product photos courtesy of www.ernolaszlo.com)

Many years ago I grew to know Erno Laszlo skincare because of its cleansing ritual. The ritual was, you were to wash our face with their soap and rinse 30 times. Then you were to use a specialized toner, cream and mask . The mask for me was what sold me on the line. I just wanted that mask. You mixed it up and it hardened on the face and you peeled it off just like a rubber mask. It was so cool. I loved that mask. I used it often. Granted I was only 14 at the time and spent all my money on this mask. 

Erno Laszlo is still around and their skincare is still the bomb.  They still have the bespoke cleansing ritual, although it has changed some. They still have the same cleansing bar. And they stillhave the same bespoke cleaning technique. You rinse your face 30 times. First you fill up the sink with water. you add Phyletil Cleansing Oil to the water.  Then dip the cleansing bar in the water and get a good lather going. Wash face. Rinse face 20 times with that water. Empty sink. Then rinse face 10 times with clean water. Voila! That is the bespoke cleansing technique. This technique is supposed to help clear up the skin, prevent acne, help with anti-aging and give you generally all around good skin. 

I tried the following products from Erno Laszlo.I was very happy with them. I did not get to try the Bespoke Cleansing Technique because I did not have the Phyletil Cleansing Oil.Read on for information and reviews of the products I tried.

Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar 5.3 oz. $45.00

The Sea Mud Deep Cleaning Bar is a great way to cleanse the sin. it comes in its own case. The bar boasts the unique therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea mud, a mineral-rich miracle of nature that deeply detoxifies, exfoliates and hydrates the skin, It is perfect for blemished and stressed skins. It boosts circulation, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant. It also has glycerin, a very powerful moisture magnet that attracts moisture to the skin to protect and hold hydration for a more glowing complexion. Palm and palm kernel oils regulate skin's own oil content while reinforcing its defenses against outside stressors, as it ramps up cell turnover beneath the surface of the skin.

The cleansing bar boasts the highest concentration of powerful skincare actives. In addition, some of the bars rely on advanced nano-encapsulation technology  to deliver time-released spheres able to penetrate skin's surface allowing active ingredients to work longer than conventional cleansers. Plus, contrary to popular belief, cleansing bars are inherently unfriendly environments to microbes that only grow on food sources (such as sebum). Basically as soon as the bar touches skin, it begins to combat the oil that bacteria thrive on.

I love cleansing with this bar. It makes my skin feel clean, but not dry. It also deeply cleanses my skin rather than just barely touches the surface like some cleansers. You can tell by the way my skin feels afterward. It just feels better. 

Hydraphel Skin Supplement 6.8 fl.oz. $55.00

The Hydraphel Skin Supplement is an excellent toner. Use this silky, hydrating toner on almost all complexions for for most all skin concerns.  Made without alcohol, it gently clear s away skin flakes and aging skin cells while it sweeps on calming, skin-restoring nutrients found in nature. ProVitaman B5 give the skin anti-oxidant support it needs to bolster the healing process and build its defenses. Comfrey root soothes sensitive skin, irritated skin, while it encourages cell repair and renewal. Glycerin is a natural moisture magnet, it attracts and hold hydration for a glowing complexion.

To use: Avoid the eye area. Use day and night as part of your bespoke Double Cleansing Ritual. Follow with treatments  and moisturizers to match your skin's needs. 

This is by far my favorite toner.I like that it feels more like a treatman a atoner. It has a silky consistency. When applied with a cotton pad, it feels more like a serum. To me that makes it feel more like at treatment product.

Whiten and lighten your skin with Erno Laszlo's White Marble Tranlucence Cream. The richly emollient but fast-absorbing and intensely hydrating cream protects and visibly perfects the skin, boosting its luminous glow. Working above and below the surface, it fights skin-dulling oxidation, diminishes dark spots and defies environmental stressors, thanks to the ActiveBright Complex (derived from the bearberry bush, it blocks melanin, the source of skin's pigment and brightens skin form a cellular level. Vitamin B3 Complex inhibits melanin that causes dark spots while strengthening skin's moisture barrier. Chinese plum extract protects skin by shielding collagen from the buildup of skin-dulling proteins. 

Use on cleansed and toned skin, avoiding the eye area. Be sure to follow and daytime use with sun protection. Use day and night as part of your White Marble ritual. 

I love how this cream has made my skin look lighter and definitely clearer. The White Marble line works and it does work well. It makes the melanin in the skin disappear, lighten up. For me, that is a godsend. I love to have my hyperpigmentation disappear.  I have years of sun damage that needs to be gone. It is slowly getting there, especially with creams like this. 

White Marble Sheet Mask 6 X $80.00

I love the White Marble Sheet Mask. 10 Minutes to radiance! This silky sheet mask feels indulgent, but delivers intensive results. You get instant hydration and powerful brightening. Radiance boosting ingredients block excess melanin and free radianceeto fend off dullness sand dark spots. A perfect partner to your brightening skincare regimen, this gentle yet concentrated mask features: soybean extract (long used in Asian skincare formulas, it naturally brightens the complecxion), Vitamin C (to clarify and deliver a high dose of anti-oxidants, while he proctecive mask  keeps the vitamin's strength working for you longer) and the anti-oxidant packed yuzu fruit (a powerhouse citrus commonly found in Japan, to leave skin smoother, clearer and more radiant).

To use: unfold the mask and apply to freshly cleansed skin using the mouth and eye cutouts as a guide. After 10-15 minutes, remove and gently massage any remaining serum into the skin. Be sure to follow any daytime use with sun protection. For optimal results, use 2x-3x a week as part of your White Marble treatment ritual.   

After using this mask, you definitely notice a difference in the amount of pigmentation you have. It is lowered a lot. The Mask gets rid of a good amount of pigmentation. I like that it helps with the sun damage that I have. 

Transphuse Eye Refiner 15 mL $105.00

Use this eye cream to relax  the muscles and lines around the eyes with our nourishing, plant based formula. This age-fighting eye cream, minimizes micro-contractions in the skin to smooth and tighten the delicate eye area. To rebuild, it has innovative polypeptide technology that helps restore at the cellular level to promote collagen production.To protect, it encourages cell's own defense mechanism against signs of aging. To lift, algae and pullulan extracts provide immediate tightening benefits. 

Use after toning. Dab the cream onto the skin beneath the eyes. Smooth over the eye area, moving from the outer to inner corners, avoiding the lash lines. 

I found this eye cream very pleasant.  It left my skin feeling moisturized, soft and left the skin feeling very smooth. It is hard to say if I noticed any difference or not because I don't have many problems with my eye area as of yet. I do like the cream though and I am going to continue to use it until I am out of it. It makes the skin around my eyes feel very nice. What more can you ask for!

Erno Laszlo Skincare is available online at www.ernolaszlo.com. It is also available at Erno Laszlo counters in department stores.

The Erno Laszlo Institute is in New York at: 382 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012; Subway | C, E, N, R, 1, 6   Membership  is not required.

Until Next Timke~

Marie Papchatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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