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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: Exuviance Targeted Wrinkle Repair #Exuviance #TargetedWrinkleRepair #antiging

(product photo courtesy of www.exuviance.com)

Exuviance Targeted Wrinkle Repair is a rare product of its kind. It works. In a group study conducted by NeoStrata (which makes Exuviance products), 95% of participants noticed improvement in targeted lines after only one week of twice daily use (*data on file). The Triple Boost Forumula contains CitraFill®, NeoGlucosamine® and Matrixyl® peptides, which attack the look of deep wirnkle from within the skin. It enhances skin's natural collagen matrix to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. Volume is increased over time, directly beneath deep lines and creases, so they appear filled and much smoother.

Help build your skin's own naturla volume, reducing the look of deep expression lines and wrinkles for truly natural, younger looking skin. Applied directly to problem area, Exuviance Targeted Wrinke Repair delivers highly targeted benefits that go beyond your daily anti-aging skincare regimen. This unique formula has three unique and potent peptide boosters that attack the look of deep wrinkles from within the skin, as mentioned above. These peptides work together to enhance collagen and build skin's own natural hydrating filler matrix*. As a result, volume is increased over time, directly beneath deep lines and creases, so they appear filled and smoother. With continued use, deep expression lines became less noticeable. (*In vitro test)

To use, apply twice daily to clean skin. Use directly on deep expression lines, such as crow's feet, brow and laugh lines and gently massage with fingertip. Follow up with an Exuviance moisturizer.

Does Targeted Wrinkle Repair work? My lines were not that deep going in, but I do have a couple of lines that needed work. I used this on those lines. The lines I worked on were brow furrow lines, nasolabial fold lines and a small wrinkle just at the corner of my lip on the left side. At age 45 those are the only things I have to work on so far, and I am lucky that they are only slightly visible. I used the Targeted Wrinkle Repair on them and it helped to actually decrease their visibility. It increased the collagen production there to decrease wrinkles. 

Exuviance Targeted Wrinkle Repair retails for $68.00 for 1 oz./30g and can be purchased on www.exuviance.com, www.neostrata.comwww.dermstore.com, www.ulta.com and www.skinstore.com.  Exuviance is one of the brands that is under the NeoStrata Skincare company. Like NeoStrata on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NeoStrataCompany; Follow NeoStrata on Twitter: @neostrataskin; Follow NeoStrata on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/neostrata/; Follow Exuviance on Instagram: https://instagram.com/exuviance/; Follow NeoStrata on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf_jdb_vpqIWkgUcNRHIWIA; Follow NeoStrata on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NeostrataIncPrinceton.

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