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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Review: Zocular ZocuZap, ZocuFoam and ZocuWipe Products #ZocuZap #ZocuWipe #ZocuFoam

(product photos courtesy of www.zocular.com)

Today I am going to discuss three new products from a line called Zocular. This line was developed by doctors to accomplish certain goals and is basic because it has only those goals in mind. But just because it is basic does not mean it is any less wonderful. This line works wonderfully and is great. I am very happy with the ZocuZap blemish wipes. They have been helping my skin, which has been breaking out lately. I also like the ZocuWipes a lot because they make taking off my eye makeup very easy.  

Zocuwipe helps give you relief from scratchiness, irritation and burning on your eyes. Just use one Zocuwipe pad, once a day with no rinsing required. Zocuwipe leverages the power of nature to help provide calming, soothing relief for your eyes. Each box contains 40 individual towelettes.These were developed by an opthalmologist, they are dermatologist tested. They are made from natural botanicals, are hypoallergenic, they have a gentle pH balanced formula for tears. The thick foaming action cleanses and moisturizes and soothes moderate to severe eyelid irritation.

ZocuFoam is essentially the same product that is in ZocuWipe, but in a foam form without the wipe. Expereince the natural cleaning relief for your eyes with ZocuFoam cleanser and moisturizer.  Your eyes will feel feel clean and relieved.  

These revolutionary ZocuZap towelettes were developed from a natural-based approach to help improve the appearance of facial blemishes. By using just one wipe once per day, that is all it takes to help restore your facial appearance to its natural beauty. It is a revolutionary 1-step rinse-free deep pore cleanser. It was developed by a physician-surgeon. It is an okra infused Zocusome. There is not any benzoyl peroxide and no salicylic acid in this product. 

What is so great about these products is first, their convenience. I love that they are portable and you can take them anywhere, on trips, in your purse or for any occasion. I also love that the ZocuZap towelettes actually work on acne. I was having problems with some mild acne blemishes on my chin and these helped clear them up lickety-split. The eye makeup remover works great on its own too. It is very gentle and takes off all makeup.

Zocular products are available from www.zocular.com. Like Zocular on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zocular and Follow Zocular on Twitter:@zocular.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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