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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review: Banana Boat Sun Comfort Broad Sunscreens Spectrum SPF 30 and SPF 50+ #BananaBoat #sunscreen

(product photos courtesy of www.bananaboat.com

With this sunscreen sand easily brushes off skin, it moisturizes and protects skin against UVA/UVB rays.  It is designed so you can have your most comfortable experience in the sun and sand! It was tested to stay on in 7 real life conditions: sun, pool, water, ocean water, wind, sweat and even 100 degree heat. This one has an SPF 30, which comes from Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 5% and Octocrylene 4%. These are chemical sunscreens, so if you are sensitive to them, do not wear this product. For me, I have found that I can wear this on my face and body just fine, I keep it away from my eyes.It is broad spectrum for UVA/UVB rays, as mentioned. It is water resistant up to 80 minutes. This is great for everyday use. 

If you need a higher SPF, try the SPF 50+, which contains Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 9% and Octocrylene 5%. Otherwise this is the same sunscreen as the SPF 30. It brushes off sand quite easily, moisturizes the skin and protects against UVA/UVB rays. It was designed to let you have your most comfotabel time in the sun and sand. This sunscreen was tested on 7 real life conditions: sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand and 100 degree heat. This sunscreen is 80 minutes water resistant. It wears well on the face too, just don't apply near the eyes.

I love both of these sunscreens. I wear them regularly. I like the lotion fact that I can rub them in real well and make sure that I am getting good coverage on my skin.  It that sand just rolls of the skin with these. The sunscreen is not sticky on the skin, nor does it feel tacky. It sinks into the skin and just sits there like a regular lotion. It does give great sun protection. I am very fair and I need good sun protection. This does do well for me. Especially the SPF 50+.

Banana Boat Suncomfort SPF 30 & SPF 50+ are available online at www.drugstore.com, www.jet.com, www.pharmapacks.com, www.walmart.com and www.stockandgo.com. It's also available at mass market retailers such as Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS and Wal-Mart. Like Banana Boat on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BananaBoatBrand and Follow Banana Boat on Pinterest:https://www.pinterest.com/bananaboat

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Marie Papachatzis

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