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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Review: Dynamic Sonic Eye Lift #dynamicsonic #eyelift

(product photos courtesy of www.brandbacker.com)

Dynamic Sonic Eye Lift 
Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye Lift gives you the aesthetic benefits of having an eye lift without the painful, costly procedure that is involved. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines, tightens and firms skin while you feel it working, smooths fine lines and wrinkles for an enhanced complexion and you get instant results that last 6-8 hours. It is made with Veegum, an ingredient know n for its tightening and refining properties as well as nourishing minerals. Instant Eye Lift is the ideal product for reviving mature, tired skin.

To apply the product first, open the cap on the outer part of the "syringe". Then take offf the small white rubber cap. Twist the end counter-clockwise where it says to open. Then press down on the applicator and a small amount of the product will come out.  Apply to the eye area, under eyes and eye lid area both. When product is  dry, eyelids will look lighter, higher up and under eyes will appear more fresh and dark circles will lighten.Replace white rubber cap on end of "syringe".  Then replace clear end cap on product. Turn product clockwise to close. 

What I liked about the product is that I instantly felt it go to work. I could tell that my eyes were feeling tighter and were actually changing how they looked. I don't really have bad prodblem that i would need an eye lift yet, except for my droopy eyes to begin with, but this did help my droopy eyes some. They did not look as droopy nor as heavy-lidded.  But rememberr, the effect is only temporary.

 Dynamic Sonic Eye Lift is available here:


It is available for $395.00 per 0.5 fl.oz./15 mL 

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