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Pura Naturals soap infused sponges are pack and stuff, take anywhere sponges that are perfect for travel, camping sporting events, etc.  The Peppermint Volcano sponge attracts oil, dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin while gently exfoliating. The sponge exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells for a rejuvenated look. They use all natural botanical cleansers (made with shea butter, jojoba and cocoa butter). They are Earth-Conscious®,  Pura Naturals develops, manufactures, and markets environmentally responsible personal care cleansing products made with no petroleum by-products. Their soap infused, exfoliating sponges can be taken anywhere and are convenient for head to toe cleansing. You get an all in one gentle exfoliation plus all-natural botanical cleansers. Pura Naturals cleansing products are like no other on the market. This category is for the active person on the go. These are Active soap infused sponges. 

What I love about these sponges is they cleanse so well. There are three sponges in the pack, although it looks ass if there are only one. They are thin sponges. I use mine in the shower after when it is hot out, as they are refreshing. The Peppermint Volcano is fresh and tingly. Another thing i like about these is that they are biodegradable and easy to take anywhere. I am going to take them on my trip this summer. I also has the kitchen sponge and it was very nice. It was easy to scrub out dirt and food from the pots and pans. These are lovely sponges and they last a very long time too. The price point is excellent.

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