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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Review: OGX Hair Products That Will See You Through Summer...#OGX #haircare #hairstyling #hairproducts

(product photos coutresy of www.ogxbeauty.com/hair)

I received some products from OGX Beauty to try out. I love OGX Beauty Hair Care. It is one of my all time favorites. For mass market hair care it acts like salon hair care. It is some of the best on the market today. Below you will find a description of the product as well as my opinion of the product. I want you to to what it does and how it worked for me.

The nutrient-rich, plump-it-up power of this ProVitamin B7 biotin and collagen infused haircre line helps give each strand a beautiful boost into being its thickest and fullest. The shampoo and conditioner will leave your hair feeling thicker, fuller and looking very healthy. Biotin can be taken internally to grow hair or added externally to make hair look thicker. Collagen also helps hair look thicker. This line is perfect for those with fine hair, thinning hair or for those who want their hair plumped up.

Personally, I have thick hair, so for me this just made it thicker and fuller. My hair is fine not coarse, so it did help make it feel more plump and full without it needing to feel coarse. I liked the shampoo and conditioner and would definitely recommend it for those who need thicker, fuller hair.

Just a few drops of this potent rich oil blend helps to heal dry, brittle, damaged hair. It is a concentrated oil infused with Vitamin E. It smooths the surface of the hair while penetrating moisture helps increase strength and elasticity. Use daily for dramatically improved split-ends and frizziness. To use, pour a small amount into palm. Smooth over palms then evenly through clean, towel dried hair. Style as usual.

This oil blend is awesome. It really helps seal the shine into hair and makes hair feel soft and manageable. Frizz is conquered and split-ends look much better, not as prominent. This product is a must if your hair is anything like mine: damaged and in need of help. 

Use this versatile hair butter to boost your curls' hydration. Lather it on and leave it in for a moisturizing treatment or rinse it out for use as a deep conditioner. 

Either way you use it, if you have curly hair, this treatment is perfect for you. It tames them. The treatment helps with frizz, curl definition and curl hydration. Curls will look better than ever.  You won't believe how beautiful your curls can look.

Brand new for 2016, this frizz-defying milk will give you soft, smooth spirals with its sweetly scented formula blend of coconut oil, honey and citrus oil. The formula helps to enhance natural softness, boost decadents spirals, and tame frizz for beautiful tumbling waves with bounce and shine. Most of all, you will not experience any frizziness after using this. Apply a small amount to palm, rub through damp hair, working through to ends. 

I have wavy hair and this is a godsend for me. I have awful frizz. Humidity is the bane of my existence. I love this because you don't necessarily need to have really curly hair to use it. Wavy hair is just fine. It still works wonders on my hair. 

This hair butter is full of Argan Oil from Morocco. It is also infused with silk amino acids, soybean oil, coconut oil and shea butter extract. All of these help to moisturize hair and create soft, touchable tresses that shine like crazy. Hair will have so much moisture to it that it will feel incredibly soft. Hair will be more manageable than ever. This is a leave-in or rinse out hair butter. When leaving it in, don't apply as much so your hair is not greasy. When using to rinse out, apply more then leave in longer. 

I love this product. It really does let hair look amazing. Argan Oil is one of those ingredients that does wonders for hair and skin. When you leave this in, make sure to use it lightly. You don't want to weigh hair down. 

Help give hair an extra touch of smooth with a splash of extra hydration. Drench your dehydrated strands in this ultra-light, hydrating blend of nutrient-rich oil that is infused with coconut water, electrolytes and a hint of coconut oil. It's time for hair to shine. This supercharged blend helps hair to transform from dray and parched to shiny and perfect. After shampooing, towel dry hair. Spray evenly only damp hair then blow dry to infuse it into the hair shafts. Finish by misting all over for optimal shine and hydration. 

This is a great product if your hair is dry and damaged. Mine is, so I love this. It adds hydration and shine just when and where I need it. For me that is crucial. I like to use this with the Vitamin E Penetrating Oil. 

Do you want sexy beach hair? This will give it to you. During winter. Any time of the year. The spray has Argan Oil, sea salt and sea kelp in it to give you that sexy beach wave hair any time you want. It is a leave-in spray mist that you apply to your hair and scrunch through for sexy beach waves. Spray generously over clean damp hair. Scrunch hair with fingers. Let hair air dry. It can also be sprayed on dry hair for extra texture. I love how I can go from straight to wavy in seconds with this leave-in spray. It's pretty cool. It is just like going to the beach and sitting in the ocean all day long, but without the sand and the sunburn. 

This Finish Spray is infused with Argan Oil, and has a workable finish that is a standout. It is shiny, soft and brushable for style that is perfectly you with hold that lasts all day long. It is humidity resistant, dries in an instant. It is a water free hair spray. It is the perfect combination of weightless hydration with flexible hold. It holds in moisture and locks out humidity. There is not residue either. No flakiness, just soft, seductive style perfection. Remove cap and shake can. Hold 6-12 inches away from hair. Move can around head and work in short bursts to get all of the hair you need to cover. 

This hair spray is definitely a good one. It works really well, even after brushing. Hair holds its place. I also like that it is humidity resistant. 

So, these are the products I tried for OGX. I really liked them and will keep using them. You can find OGX at mass market retailers nationwide such as Ulta, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, CV and Wal-Mart. Like OGX Beauty on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ogxbeauty; Follow OGX Beauty on Twitter:@ogxbeauty;Follow OGX Beauty on Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/ogxbeauty/ and Follow OGX Beauty on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/ogx_beauty/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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Infused with argan oil, this workable finishing spray is a standout. It’s shiny, soft and brushable for a style that’s perfectly you, and a hold that lasts all day long.

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