Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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(product photo courtesy of www.fragrancelock.com)
Fragrance Lock 2.25 fl.oz./80mL $30.00
Recently I tested out a prototype of a new product that just hit the market. It is called Fragrance Lock. What it does is it helps hold the scent of your perfume or fragrance longer on your skin. I think it is a very nifty invention. It is sad that we actually need this invention. One would hope that when you purchase a fragrance or perfume that the fragrance would last long enough that you could smell it throughout the day. But that is not the case. Unfortunately the scent often disappears midway through the day, if not sooner. This is not the case with heavier perfumes of course. But with lighter ones Fragrance Lock is definitely needed. 

Here is how it works: first spray our perfume, cologne, eau de toilette or fragrance on your skin. Then spray Fragrance Lock twice, 10-12 inches, away from the same area. Allow to dry. Leave on for 12 hours. Your fragrance should last much longer if not the entire day now. What I liked about this was it actually worked. Yes, a product that was advertised worked as it should. I am very happy about it. I highly recommend this for light floral fragrances or something like an eau de toilette that does not have a lot of staying power. It does work though and that made me happy. I would purchase it in a heartbeat.

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