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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Review: Luv Michael Organically Sourced Granola That Gives Back #LuvMichael #Granola

(product photo courtesy of www.brandbacker.com)

Luv Michael’s mission is to provide meaningful vocational training for the autistic population and to produce exceptional gluten-free and natural products. Luv Michael educates, trains and employs individuals with autism. Every bag of Luv Michael Originola Granola is hand mixed in small batches and packed with LUV by individuals with autism. Michael Kessaris is the inspiration for the non-profit Luv Michael. He is an 18 year old with autism who has a passion for cooking. Finding a career was not easy for Michael, a Port Washington, New York native. Despite his love of cooking, Michael was unable to enroll in culinary school without a high school diploma. Michael’s parents, both physicians, Lisa Liberatore, MD and Dimitri Kessaris, MD, helped create the food based business so that their son and others with autism would be active participants in society and lead happy, productive lives.

The granola is gluten-free, dairy-free and is all natural. I was surpised by how much I enjoyed it. It did not taste different than regular granola that I am used to eating. It was a little hard and I broke it up in the bag first so that I could eat it eaier, but I have soft teeth. I found that instead of waiting around to let my family taste it, I ate the whole bag in one sitting. That is how good it was. :)

I received a 2 oz. bag to try out through BrandBacker. Luv Michael is definitely worth checking out. A 2 oz. bag is $4.50. A 6 oz. bad is $13.50. You can get also get a subscription for 12 months of 2 oz. bags delivered to your home for $40.00. All proceeds from the sale of Luv Michael go to provide training and sustainable jobs for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. A worthwhile cause in any situation.

Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis

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